Review: Raised By Gods -Too Late Now

Written by Matt Drummond

If you ever happen to notice rock legend Terry Glaze heading towards the stage, secure your beer. The southern Van Halen vibe Terry continuously exudes through his music set’s off a trigger for everyone in earshot of the stage. The result is people scrambling to find a cooler or loose beer, so they can join the party. The positivity and love streaming from Terry’s guitar is infectious. It’s impossible to reject the good vibes, so let’s all crack a beer and check out one of his current projects – Raised By Gods.

Talking with Terry awhile back, he told me a guy by the name of Mike Herrington is one of the people who always seems to bring out the best in him musically, and now I understand what he meant by that. Glaze and Herrington are clearly in sync with each other. Collectively, these two make up the band, Raised By Gods, and the talent radiating off these two is undeniable.

With an approach to writing songs unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, these two aren’t in the business of questioning why they work so well together; they just enjoy the ride.

“Mike records the drums in his West Coast bedroom on a cassette recorder then sends the tape to Terry on the east coast. Terry writes songs to Mike’s drum tracks, plays all the other instruments, and then sends the finished tunes back to Mike, where Mike hears the new song for the first time.”      -Raised By Gods

Sound crazy? Well, maybe it is, but when you finished product is good, does it even matter? For reasons I can’t quite comprehend, the drums ignite the creativeness in Glaze, and off he goes.

2016 was responsible for Raised By God’s second album, Too Late Now. This 11 track masterpiece illuminates the raw capabilities that Glaze and Herrington possess. One of the first things you may notice when track one, ‘Dance’ starts to play is the easily identifiable sound of a couple guys loving what they do. Not only is the music great, but it’s almost like you can hear how much fun they’re having playing it. That is a painfully clear sign of true musicians.

Throughout the entire album Terry spews catchy and unique riffs with apparent ease. Track three, ‘My Corina’, and track six, ‘Nothing Left to Say,’ are perfect examples of this. Not forgetting to melt faces, Glaze does rip off into solos as well, especially on my personal favorite track, ‘Feel’.

I realize Too Late Now isn’t a typical album that I write about, but Raised By Gods isn’t a typical band. Having the honor of talking with Terry directly, I can tell you this guy embodies everything a rock icon should be. He writes incredible songs and is an incredible musician to boot. I don’t think he understands the countless people he has and continues to inspire. To him, it’s all about having fun; he plays music because he loves it and it shows.

If you’ve never heard Raised By Gods, I suggest picking up a copy of Too Late Now, but you’ll probably also want to pick up some beer and a bottle of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey. Too Late Now is a phenomenal representation of the person Terry Glaze is, and it’s definitely worth your time. The only way you could possibly not like this record is if you hate having a good time, so turn it up and let the good times roll! 9/10


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