Live Review: Entombed A.D. at Reggies in Chicago

Written by Matt Drummond

Empire Productions own Shane Merrill has done it once again. On January 10th he helped assemble a high voltage lineup of devastating bands to gut Reggies in Chicago. Nobody should be surprised about the concerts that Merrill consistently helps put together. This is a promoter who understands all levels of heavy metal, and most importantly he’s a true fan.

The five bands who comprised the lineup spanned from bands beginning their journey to accomplished heavyweights. The result was a tour de force that made concert goers almost start foaming at the mouth.

Kicking things off was two Chicago natives: hardcore outfit, Dethbeds, and horror-laced, Disinter. Both bands came out blazing, laying the groundwork for a paralyzing night of heavy metal.

Third to the stage was Alaskan doom metal leviathan, Turbid North. This three-piece hit the stage and conquered! Nick Forkel, Chris O’Toole, and “Jono” Garrett shined with an outbreak of intensity, rampaging Reggie’s with songs like ‘The Pyramid Drones’. This band is bursting at the seams with talent with Jono really leaving an impression behind the drum kit as he exploded with brute fervor, while and O’Toole and Forkel’s talents only added to the havoc.

Next up was the Maryland madhouse Full of Hell. Vocalist Dylan Walker commanded the stage with coarse screams, which united perfectly with the mortifying music being belted out by Spencer Hazard, Dave Bland and Sam Digristine. What made this extraordinarily special for the members of Full of Hell was that they were opening for the very band that they named themselves after. Whether or not they felt they had something to prove, they delivered a great set and really gave it their all.

It was no secret who was scheduled to destroy next. It was none other than Swedish metal masters Entombed A.D. A rebirth of the harrowing Entombed, Entombed A.D. ignited Reggie’s with their signature grueling guitar atrocity. Fronted by the living legend Lars Goran Petrov, Entombed A.D.’s ingenious expertise was on full display. Along with Lars, Nico Elgstrand,Ollie Dahlstedt, Victor Brandt, and newcomer Guilherme ‘G’ Miranda shredded through a set, which included songs spanning the band’s 30 years. From ‘Left Hand Path’ to ‘Dead Dawn’, Entombed A.D. pulled all the stops.

It wasn’t only Entombed A.D. fans who enjoyed the flurry of deep rooted, unmerciful metal, the band members themselves were clearly having a great time. With noticeable smiles on their faces, it was a brilliant display of great songs played by guys who truly love playing them.

What initially was an interview I had planned was shelved for beers and great stories. Lars is a genuinely great person and i was honored to chug some vodka with him. Talking with him left one major impression on me – Entombed A.D. and heavy music is what this man lives for. An Entombed A.D. show is a domination of the senses, and it’s not only the music, it’s the people they are. If you happen to see that Entombed A.D. will be playing anywhere near you, I highly suggest attending. They have never, and will never, disappoint their fans.

I’d like to thank all of the bands for such an overwhelming display of hospitality, especially Lars, who proved to not only to be legendary, but generous as well. Thanks guys and horns up!


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