Review: Deep Sun – Race Against Time

605683Written by Brett Kihlmire

I first became acquainted with Switzerland’s Deep Sun with a live video of their track ‘The Believer.’ Upon starting up the track I was immediately taken by the gnarly bass line that opened the song and the soaring lead guitar that followed shortly. With the entrance of vocalist Debora Lavagnolo and high fantasy lyrics and synths, I had a rough idea of to expect from this album, but I couldn’t have been more wrong – Deep Sun is not a Nightwish clone.

Blending a multitude of heavy metal genres into one amazing package, Deep Sun’s Race Against Time has something for everyone that enjoys European metal. ‘Riders of Death’ features a thrash-meets-power metal sound with powerful backing vocals, crunchy riffs, elegant synths, and epic highs by Lavagnolo.  This power metal style is heard most prominently on the band’s namesake track ‘Deep Sun’ and the title track ‘Race Against Time.’

For those looking for a more refined symphonic sound, look no further than ‘Dreaming Leprechaun.’ This synth-heavy tune is easy-going and has a nice galloping riff and beat, while Lavagnolo’s fantastic voice takes you on a trip through fantasy lands. Other great tracks in this style are ‘For Eternity’ and ‘Nostalgia,’ the latter of which takes the band into ballad territory and adds a great deal of depth to the album.

Another great track that shows a different side of the band a tribute to heavy metal itself, ‘Good Old Times.’ This one is heavy on the synths and features a notable sing-along style chorus. Lavagnolo’s talent as a vocalist is put on full display here and is only empowered by the raw talent of her bandmates.

Despite my initial impression of the band thanks to the rather addicting tune ‘The Believer,’ I can honestly say that Deep Sun’s Race Against Time is an incredibly diverse album. One song you’re banging your head and another you’re raising your lighter to a heartfelt ballad. That being said, if you’re a power or symphonic metal fan, then you’re going to want to pick this one up. It’s well worth your money. 9/10


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