Hollow World: Death Metal From the Down Under


Written by Shannon Reardon

Carrying on a hard rocking tradition, Australian melodic death act, Hollow World, brings the thunder from with fast paced, in your face attitude.

This five-piece act from Melbourne, Australia formed in late 2012 from the remnants of a previous band that went on to become  and the “hate-child” of The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and At The Gates.

Though their name at first was nothing more than just a band name that wasn’t taken, lyricist Ben Roberts says that as the band has progressed in their journey the name has had more relevance to their lyrical themes.

“[Our lyrical inspiration] varies – for the EP it was much more fantasy-based than the upcoming album,” said Roberts. “There were songs about dragons and mythical deities, superhuman warriors and tales of avenged slayings – all that sort of stuff. For the album we went with a much different approach. It’s two intertwining stories – one about a super virus that extinguishes the human race, and another about the human race being a virus upon the planet – inevitably destroying it.”

Though the album does not come out till mid-2017, the band has released a single from the upcoming album, Defiling Paradise.

Once the album is released, fans can find the band touring Australia, mostly venues in Melbourne such as the Bendigo Hotel, The Evelyn, Maxx Watts, The Worker’s Club, and The Comer Hotel. Of course, the band plans to tour other continents and take their metal worldwide.

“A Hollow World show is full of energy,” said Roberts. “[Fans can] expect a high-speed, windmill-heavy collection of chaos. We like to ramp up the intensity with circle pits, walls of death, sing alongs, and throw in the odd stupid joke for good measure.”

Hollow World, as well as releasing a new album and touring, also plan to release more videos, party harder and have more fun at shows. On top of all of that, they plan on taking everything they do and turning the volume up to eleven.

“At the end of the day we are 5 dudes who like to cut loose and have fun – and that’s the antithesis of a Hollow World,” said Roberts.



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