Review: Fallen Arise – Adeline


Written by Rainer Kerber

From Greece comes a variety of outstanding metal bands of many different genres, including the symphonic metal band Fallen Arise from Athens.

The beginning of Fallen Arise goes back to 2009 when the first songs were written.  In December of the same year there was the first live performance. Despite the line-up changes, the band released Eternal in 2010. Three years they followed up the EP with their debut album Ethereal. Two years later the concept album Adeline released. At the beginning of this year, Fallen Arise will be on tour with the prog-heroes of Fates Warning giving reason enough to take a look at the band’s latest album.

A concept album, the story of the girl Adeline is told from start to finish. In the intro ‘Prologue in D Minor’ we start to learn the details. Adeline was born in 1863 and lived with her family in a small house in the middle of the forest. But a heavy curse falls upon her, after which she is to be killed on her 18th birthday.

‘The Curse of Adeline’ starts with some nice piano work, but is soon followed by forceful guitar and drums passages, which are underlined by synths. The change between clear female voices and growls is very melodic. The pounding riffs are accompanied by a muted sounding epic chorus.

In the epic ‘We’re Becoming Gods’ the tempo is somewhat reduced, and a beautiful duet characterizes the song; the voices of Spyla and Chris fit perfectly together. A filigree guitar solo completes the song.

In the longest song of the album ‘Divine Bride’ alternate ballad melodies, epic passages and orchestral passages. Through various melody and rhythm changes, it gets a proggious touch.

The bands produced videos on the songs ‘My Last Breath’ and ‘White Crystal Angel.’ In ‘My Last Breath,’ Bob Katsionis (keyboard and guitarist for Firewind and Revolution Renaissance) can be heard, adding some serious star power. For me one of the highlights of the album is ‘White Crystal Angel.’ Here everything is offered that characterizes modern symphonic metal such as popping riffs, epic melodic arches and catchy choruses. Making it all the better is the classy vocal performance of Spyla.

‘As Far the Memory Remains’ starts out powerfully, but becomes a wonderful piano ballad with pyla showing her singing skills once again. Every now and then the other instruments are added and the song develops into a power ballad with Spyla and Chris in an undeniable duet making for another highlight of the album.

The album then ends with the ‘Epilogue.’ The marching drums and the vocalise chorus reminds me a little of ‘Conquest Of Paradise’ (Vangelis), but is more rocking and gloomy. What really sends off the song is how the singer shows her power with the high pitches.

When I hear the phrase “concept album” I have great concerns, since the song writing is often subordinated to the concept. This is not so with Adeline. The story about the fate of the namesake girl is told by grandiose symphonic metal songs. The very epic melodies never slip into kitschy. I’m looking forward to the live show in late January. It won’t be quite the same, however, as Fiona Creaby (Apparition) is now on the stage as a singer. In addition, the band is supported by her band mate guitar player Amy Lewis, but as far as I’m concerned it’s Fallen Arise.  8/10


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