Gallery/Live Review: Fates Warning, Fallen Arise, Armored Dawn

Written by Rainer Kerber – Photos by Rainer Kerber

Location: Logo Hamburg
Date: January 24th 2017

Years ago, I was able to experience Fates Warning live on the actually much too small stage of the Rock-Café St. Pauli. Now they came back with their 2017 European tour in the logo (full name: Logo Bier und Musik GmbH). Here, the stage is bigger but the wooden pillar in the middle of the stage affects the view. So an early arrival at the entrance was obligatory. After all, I wanted to get an optimal place. As for the guests, the Prog Rock institution from Connecticut (USA) invited the Greek symphonic metal band Fallen Arise and the Brazillian power metal band Armored Dawn. This promised a high class and varied evening.

On time at 20:00 came the intro for the appearance of Fallen Arise. The musicians from the Greek capital had strengthened themselves with a couple new additions from England. Since late summer, Fiona Creaby (Apparition) has been on the microphone, but her bandmate Amy Lewis (guitar) was making her first live performance with the band. For me, it was surprising that Fiona had sung almost non-stop in deeper pitch. After the show, the singer told me that it was also unusual for her. Of course, she mastered it with flying colours. First they played two songs from the 2013 album Ethereal before the current concept album Adeline was presented. Though the fans were a bit reserved at the beginning, they were ultimately convinced by the joy of playing and the musical skills they were witnessing. Fallen Arise got a lot of applause and that was more than just courtesy applause. The new line-up had successfully passed the live approval process.

Fallen Arise:

  • Furor
  • Nightouched
  • The Curse of Adeline
  • Silent Weeping
  • My Last Breath
  • Heart Of The Damned
  • White Crystal Angel

Armored Dawn from the Brazilian metropolis Sao Paulo have been a completely untitled page for me. But from Brazil comes a variety of well-known metal bands such as Angra, Sepultura, Almah and Tierramystica, as well as many lesser known and very good bands, including Armored Dawn.

Founded by musician and vocalist Eduardo Parras in 2011, The debut album “Power Of Warriors” was released in June of last year, and this was presented in the almost half hour show. In addition there was also a cover of the Dropkick Murphys song “Rose Tattoo” to hear in a substantially harder and more rocking version. With their straightforward power metal, the Brazilians were able to convince completely. Right at the beginning the singer got a big applause when he read a short greeting in German and, with the help of the fans, also practiced the pronunciation of the words.

Setlist Armored Dawn:

  • Viking Soul
  • Too Blind To See
  • Prison
  • Rose Tattoo (Dropckick Murphys Cover)
  • William Fly

Being the headliner, prog metallers, Fates Warning, had a much longer show than their two warm up acts. In addition to three songs from the current album, Theories of Flight, the band played a cross-section from their discography albums current singer Ray Alder on the microphone. True  masterpieces of Progressive Metal were presented in this one and a half hour, and the fans in the packed Logo venue sang all the lyrics. It goes without saying that the band had to play an encore.

Setlist Fates Warning:

  • From The Rooftops
  • Life In Still Water
  • One
  • A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part III
  • One Thousand Fires
  • Seven Stars
  • A Handful Of Doubt
  • Firefly
  • The Light And The Shade Things
  • A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part IX
  • A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Part XI
  • The Ivory Gate Of Dreams: VII Aquiescence
  • The Eleventh Hour
  • Point Of View
  • Through Different Eyes
  • Monument

Fates Warning, Armored Dawn and Fallen Arise  are three bands that can hardly be more different, but that’s what made this three and a half hours in the Logo so unique. Before I went home I had the opportunity to meet Fiona and Amy of Fallen Arise at the Merchandise. After a joyful welcome a few memorable photos were shot.




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