Gallery: Xandria ‘Theater of Dimensions’ CD Release Show

Photos and Review by Rainer Kerber

At Long last Xandria returns with a new album and it’s a real banger! Our own Rainer Kerber made it out to a very special CD release show and scored some nice shots before penning his thoughts on the experience.

Thanks to Rainer’s command of his native German and the English language we have both the original German review and the directly translated English version.

For our German speaking fans here is the original German version Xandria Live Review

As well, here is the English translation left untouched to avoid confusion and error:

Location: Bahnhof Pauli Hamburg
Date: 29.01.2017

On Friday their new masterpiece “Theater Of Dimensions” was released and on Sunday Xandria celebrated with their fans at the station Pauli in Hamburg. The club is located on the ground floor of the Clubhouse St. Pauli on the Spielbudenplatz, next to the legendary Docks. And the name “Bahnhof Pauli” is quite aptly chosen, reminds the interior furnishings nevertheless of a subway station. As guests the Bielefelder have invited Metaprism from England and Vlad in Tears from Italy.

At 8:00 pm Metaprism from Bournemouth, a seaside resort in the county of Dorset (South West England) on the English Channel, opened the evening. And the musicians heated up the fans right away, melodic metal with rough growls and clean vocals male and female. Right at the beginning there were little technical problems with a microphone, but singers Theresa Smith and Joey Draper mastered this brilliantly. They temporarily shared the remaining micro. But then it went on without problems and the British burned a true Metal fireworks. They presented their album “The Human Encryption” and additionally their current single “Catharsis”.

Setlist Metaprism

  • Firesoul
  • Reload
  • Nebula
  • Erase Mortaloty
  • Catharsis
  • Lost In The Dark

For the past ten years, the Italians Vlad In Tears have devoted themselves to dark rock, but by no means as gloomy as the light that evening. The sound is like a mix of HIM and Depeche Mode. The band has now published two albums, played at different festivals and went among other things with Mono Inc. or Lord Of The Lost on tour. For me the Chris Isaak cover “Wicked Game” was the absolute highlight of their show. Then even the singers Theresa and Joey of Metaprism rocked in the front row.

Setlist Vlad in Tears

  • Run Or Fight
  • Feed On Me
  • Burn Inside
  • Blame Yourself
  • Burning Game
  • Wicked Game
  • Mary
  • Don’t Let Us Fall
  • Here Comes The Rain
  • Lies (Long Ending)

Shortly after 22:00 came the intro for the appearance of Xandria. What followed was one and three quarters of an hour Symphonic Metal at its best. From the new album “Theater of Dimensions” five songs were on the set list. In addition, there were songs from the two previous albums and the EP “Fire & Ashes”. Goldenthroat Dianne van Giersbergen shone with her bell-clear soprano and her bandmates bristled with joy of playing. The fans went right from the start and there was a lot of applause for the new songs. Hailed was also the only Xandria classic song of the evening – “Ravenheart”. In “We Are The Murderers (We All)”, bass player Steven Wussow and the fans shared the growls, which were sung on the album by Björn Strid (Soilwork). Of course, the musicians had to play two songs as an encore. With “Valentine”, which had already been asked several times before, the evening ended a quarter of an hour before midnight.

Setlist Xandria

  • Where the Heart Is Home
  • Call Of Destiny
  • Unembraced
  • Stardust
  • Forsaken Love
  • Nightfall
  • Ravenheart
  • Come With Me
  • Death To The Holy
  • Euphoria
  • The Undiscovered Land
  • We Are Murderes (We All)
  • Voyage Of The Fallen
  • Cursed


  • Burn Me
  • Valentine

An evening with varied rock and metal music came to an end, the only drawback was the bad light, the few spotlights couldn’t illuminate the stage at all. Otherwise the station Pauli was a nice little location. I am already looking forward to seeing Xandria at the Voices Of The Succubi Festival in Malta. But then on a slightly larger stage and much better light conditions.






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