Review: The Spider Accomplice – Los Angeles: The Abduction


Written by Rainer Kerber

Pink hair, pink clothes – these are her external trademarks. The talk is of singer-songwriter VK Lynne from Los Angeles, the City of Angels. For many years, she has been active in the music scene, whether solo (Whiskey Or Water) or with projects and bands like Vita Nova or stOrk, or the worldwide female singing community Eve’s Apple. Currently Lynne is in her band The Spider Accomplice on vocals. And with this she released their second EP Los Angeles: The Abduction.

It is now common for small bands to ask their fans for financial support for the album’s production. So it was with “The Abduction”. On Indiegogo was given the story of a band kidnapping and the funds required to free the musicians. Although The Spider Accomplice could not fully achieve their goal the musicians were “freed” to the studio and produced the 6 Track EP.

On the EP, TSA continued where they left off with the predecessor Los Angeles: The Trap – Southern Rock at its finest. The music heard is the symbiosis of different styles such as Country Music, Classic Rock and Blues Rock to create catchy melodies. The music embodies the positive attitude to life in California, especially LA, and is especially heard through the songwriting. Added to this is the unique smoky voice of singer VK Lynne. When you close your eyes, you feel stuck in the whiskey-flooded atmosphere of a California pub with a nice glass of Southern Comfort.

After listening to this EP again and again, i will confirm that nothing here is artificial. This is pure rock’n’roll, and VK Lynne is an extremely positive-minded young woman as heard through the songwriting. This feeling of life is perfectly implemented by these outstanding musicians. Both EP’s are for me an absolute purchase recommendation! 8/10




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  1. VK ,
    Love your voice…..,arrangements, and all the catchy contagious grooves. I think you’re doubling some vocal tracks yourself. VK all the way but, “You still lie” has a Alanis/Sheryl possibly a big hit kinda feel to it.


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