Feature: Palisades Opens Up on the New Album

16114624_1284416981604286_3201041595187175322_n.jpgWritten by Shannon Reardon

Sitting opposite of Lacey Sturm’s dressing room at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, New Jersey electronicore and the third band to perform that evening, Palisades, discuss their new self-titled album and their evolution as band since their start in 2011.

“We decided to self-title the album too because we felt that this was truly the purest form of Palisades, especially with all the transitions that we made these past few years of really finding ourselves,” said vocalist Louis Miceli. “For instance, we got off social media for two months while we were there recording [the album]. We wanted to isolate ourselves just so that we could, not only discover ourselves as musicians, but as people. We just wanted to cut ourselves off from the Twitter feeds, the Instagram feeds, the Facebook walls, all that kind of stuff and just focus on the album and who we are. It was like a self-discovery. It made us dig deep.”

The tour, headlined by Lacey Sturm and featuring Letters from the Fire and Stitched Up Heart, stopped in Lancaster, PA., on Feb. 3, a week after the band release their self-titled album.

With the release of their latest album, Palisades, the band’s setlist shift to only include one song from their previous album, Mind Games.

“We play one old song, Player Haters’ Ball, and that’s the only old one we do because the album is out and we want to promote it,” said Miceli. “And it’s just a different vibe now.It’s just more emotional with a raw connection when we play; I think that has to do with us just growing up over this year and a half and really kind of discovering what’s important to us. I think that really conveys and comes through live.”

On the album, the members agree that choosing a favorite song is harder than with other previous albums.

Bassist and vocalist Brandon Elgar states that he has the strongest connection to the song ‘Cold Heart (Warm Blood)’ through his personal life. Where Miceli loves the songs ‘Memories’ and ‘Let Down.’

“[On our] older albums like Mind Games, Outcast, or our EP, there were songs that I knew I loved and there were songs that I knew I liked,” said Miceli. “But this [album] I love every single one of them. I really can’t actually genuinely pick a song. It’s almost like the whole album in itself is an emotion.”

The ability to make each song special and jam packed with raw emotion came from the band’s hiatus from their social media platforms.

“I feel like there’s this piece of everyone that’s on the internet,” said Miceli. “You put yourself out there to the world on the internet and you share a vulnerable side of yourself to the world – all the time. Your life is an open diary with pictures and 140 characters, but when you don’t do that and you’re in an artistic process, you take all that effort that you’re trying to expose to the world and you put it into your art. And then everything you’re trying to get out daily goes into art, and music, and image. That’s what we were trying to do when we were writing Palisades, and I think that’s really something special that came out of it. I think that’s why we all feel emotionally invested into this [album].”




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