Stagewar: German Thrash’n’Roll


Written by Shannon Reardon

If you’re in the need of a thrash metal band that doesn’t sound like the rest, then you’re in luck. STAGEWAR take the all elements of typical thrash metal and mix it with a hint of Rock ’n’ Roll.

The band, which formed in Neu-Anspach, Germany in 2003, draw their inspiration from bands such as AC/DC, Anthrax, Metallica, Motörhead, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, and other bands of the same velocity.

To represent their high level of energy within their music, the original members struggled to find a name that perfectly embodied the essence of the band.

“[When the original members] tried to think of something that would express the brute force happening on stage,” said the band’s drummer, Josef. “Kimon came up with STAGEWAR and it’s perfect.”

STAGEWAR, when performing, leave it all on the stage and just enjoy the moment.

“[When we perform], we will play our asses off,” said Josef. “[We] play the finest Metal you’ve heard in a while, and then have a beer at the bar.”

But with all the fun that comes with being in the band, STAGEWAR are also no strangers to the struggles that occur within the music industry as well.

“I mean, I could tell you about the broken van on tour,” said Josef. “[I could tell you about] club owners in some foreign country ripping us off or promoters not promoting the show at all, the PC with the hard disc full with the original files of the new album being lost in a warehouse for two months, our singers throat surgery in the middle of the recording sessions or my broken elbow right now, but in the end it’s just stuff that happens, so we keep on writing and playing our music.”

With all the things that can go wrong, there are major achievements that can validate the experiences.

“[The best thing was] definitely holding the real Vinyl LP of KILLING FAST in our hands,” said Josef. “We were involved in every process of this record, from writing the songs, deciding what songs get to be on the album, producing, recording ourselves, deciding artwork (which was done by our former bass player James, now a great tattoo artist) and layout. I mean we even released real MCs with booklet and all, but the Vinyl is just beautiful.”

KILLING FAST, the band’s latest album, was released in October 2016, and can be streamed on music streaming sites, such as Spotify.

In Spring of this year, the band plans on touring throughout Germany and Europe, with official tour dates being released soon, and the band plans on touring until they are sore.



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