Review: Fates Warning – Theories of Flight

images-1Written by David Kerber

Fates Warning has been part of progressive metal since the ‘80s, thus, so to speak, the genre’s first hour. Together with bands such as Dream Theater and Threshold, Fates Warning has decisively shaped this scene, creating their very own style, which differs significantly from the bands mentioned – Fates Warning is not as melodic as Threshold and not as solo-heavy as Dream Theater. This makes their music somewhat bulky and not easily accessible, but great no less.

On their latest output, Theories Of Flight, this property is particularly good to hear. That is, you need several run-throughs to understand the music at all and then enjoy it. But this is also the strength of the album: it will not be boring and you can always listen to it again.

Musically there are within the songs, as usual with Prog albums, changes of ballad-eque and heavy parts. In between, there are some epic riffs and of course Ray Alders charismatic voice to marvel at. The only flaw is the lack of hits, especially songs which you immediately recognize and have an earworm character. In this regard, other prog bands have an advantage over Fates Warning this time around.

Theories of Flight is especially for demanding listeners, who take time and look for details. For the sake of listening, it is only conditionally suitable, but whoever is involved in the music is offered a lot. And only very few bands can record an album, which offers long-lasting and sustainable listening pleasure. Fates Warning is one of them. 7/10



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