Satsuki: Blending Visual Kei and Progressive Metal

Satsuki1.JPGWritten by Brett Kihlmire

Coming from Tokyo, Japan, Satsuki started his career in 2001 as the lead vocalist for Rentrer en Soi. In 2009, he split from the band to go solo. His solo career began in the Visual Kei style, but has recently transitioned into progressive due to an enjoyment of switching things up from time to time.

A self-taught musician, Satsuki does it all for the project with a particular interest in vocals, guitar, piano and violin. As for inspiration, Satsuki explains that his interest in music:

“It was Japanese Rock and American rock. Then I start to be interested in heavy metal and other metal genres.”

Combining the emotions of daily life and a love of art and nature, Satsuki takes a more personal approach to music. This has given a great deal of flexibility and creativity to his music, leading to songs based on mood-defined concepts. With Satsuki, however, inspiration works both ways and even comes full circle.

“I also paint. It is inspired from music, so sometimes on stage I decorate with my paintings,” Satsuki explains.

Though a one man band, Satsuki’s solo project isn’t confined to the studio. He plays shows in his native Japan and has crossed the ocean to play Europe and the Americas – a Latin America tour is coming in May 2017 – Given the show consists solely of him and his art, a Satsuki show is best described as “energy, power, atmosphere.”
“I always got good reaction and good vibes from the audience,” Satsuki says of live shows, and the many videos of live shows prove it.

Deeply dedicated to the project, Satsuki has released numerous singles and “mini-albums,” appeared as a guest musician, and embarked on a side project all in support of his music career. As well, he has worked behind the scenes, so to speak, in the video game world by writing the theme and ending songs for the Sony Playstation Portable game, Amnesia.

“Concentration is important,” Satsuki remarks in regard to his projects.

With his latest single, Apocalypse, taking on a progressive style versus the Visual Kei style of previous releases, Satsuki is determined to continue challenging himself musically. A new album is on the way, but is currently in the writing phase, and there’s a strong possibility that it will continue on the progressive track. And though there’s a multitude of singles and videos released, Satsuki is focused on the upcoming tour and writing the new album. Of course, there’s always something coming from Satsuki. After all, there’s a major goal floating over all others: “…reach more audience in the future!”


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