Review: Bloodbound – War of Dragons

622054Written by Rainer Kerber

Sweden is known for a variety of outstanding metal bands. Need another example? Bloodbound. War of Dragons is their sixth album, so far, so where have you been?

After the short spoken intro BloodBound starts powerful with ‘Battle in the Sky.’ I had to make sure again what album I listened to. No, that is not Sabaton with Joacim Cans as new singer, because indeed Patrik Selleby stands at the microphone by Bloodbound. And it is already said what the fan can expect when listening to the album, finest Swedish Power Metal that sounds somewhat like a mixture of Sabaton, Hammerfall and Civil War, but has not as much pathos as their countrymen. The riffs fit perfectly (example “War Of Dragons”) and the vocal performance is flawless. The themes of the lyrics are more of a range of myths and legends. For me the anthem, ‘Silver Wings,’ is one of the highlights of the album. Here, the Swedes show their sense of catchy melodies paired with virtuoso guitar work and punchy drums. In ‘King Of Swords,’ the speed pedal is correctly stepped through. Tempo, melody and vocals remind me sometimes of the early years of the NWOBHM where a pinch of bombast à la Hammerfall has been added, while ‘Fallen Heroes’ would have fit well on the last Sabaton album.

War Of Dragons surely makes the hearts of power metal fans leap for joy. Here, the Swedes did everything right. Surely, they have not reinvented the genre, but they present their songs at a high level. Three quarters of an hour of metal anthems and classic heavy metal alternate, and Bloodbound never allow a quiet minute. I am already looking forward to the headliner show in Hamburg, where they are supported by their label colleagues Crystal Viper and ex-Sabaton guitar player Thobbe Englund. 8.5/10



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