Underground Spotlight: Burning Witches

16996466_2178981908994358_1348995040991002808_nWritten by Rainer Kerber

There are a lot of All-girl rock and metal bands, and usually there are excellent musicians at work. My latest discovery in this realm of heavy music is Burning Witches.

Five young women from the Swiss canton of Aargau have joined together to hail the heavy metal, and in December 2016, the band released Demo 2016, giving the world a first taste of what they have to offer.

The two songs on this single bring a great mixture of power and speed metal teeming with European character in the best NWOBHM tradition spearheaded by Judas Priest. The voice of singer Seraina Telli alternates between high pitched metal screams and powerful rocking vocals, giving me the impression of a female Rob Halford. The guitarists Romana Kalkuhl and Alea fire the riffs right in the face of the listener, while the bass of Jeanine Grob and the double-bass attacks of drummer Lala Frischknecht can certainly shake the Alps. From these five girls can be eagerly awaited more in the future. I am already very excited about the debut album, which will be released later this year.


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