Review: Helion Prime – Helion Prime


Written by David Kerber

If you see the cover of the self-titled debut of the US power metal band, Helion Prime, you will inevitably be reminded of a cheaply produced Sci-Fi comic series; gaudy, colourful and a little overcharged. Well, at least it fits the lyrics, which are all about science-fact and science-fiction, and as long as the music does not sound as the cover suggests, one can generously see over the campy cover.

After a short intro, which reminds me more of Klaus Schulze (pioneer of the electronic music) than metal (at least until the spoken word part), the spacey power metal theme is really going on throughout the album.

Pounding guitars, thundering drums and charismatic vocals of the front woman are the trademark of the band. Each track rocks hard and there is no rest in the form of a ballad or half-ballad, except for ‘A Place I Thought I knew,‘  during the whole of almost 48 minutes. Nearly all songs are in the up-tempo range and rock officially forward. In the long run, however, this can be quite monotonous, especially the solos, which somehow almost all sound quite similar. In fact, the only change would be the occasional use of male vocals such as on ‘You Keep What You Kill‘.

While well done from a technical standpoint, the complete package comes off a little bland thanks to a bit too much reliance on studio magic and guest musicians, as well as a lack of power in key places such as vocal highs. On the flip side, the recording technique is hunky-dory, but alas, there’s a real lack in variety in songwriting leaving the album lukewarm.

Being that this is their first major label release and  that the band has only been together three years, Helion Prime definitely has some kinks to work out, but I’m sure they’ll improve, especially now that they have a dedicated lead guitarist and have recruited Kayla Dixon (Witch Mountain) on lead vocals. 6.5/10


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