Review: Telekinetic Yeti – Abominable

cover.jpgWritten by Brett Kihlmire

Making their debut is Iowa’s Telekinetic Yeti. A two piece stoner/doom metal band, these guys have been steadily playing shows around the Midwest and turning heads thanks to the collection of head spinning tracks making up their album, Abominable.

The title track ‘Abominable’ kicks things off right. This track is a bass–heavy juggernaut of a stoner track. Hard cymbal crashes and pounding snares alongside of chugging riffs will have you banging your head. And then there’s the vocals; though taking a backseat for the most part, I get a strong Mastodon meets Down vibe and I love it.

‘Electronaut’ kicks off with a slick drum beat that’s soon joined by some tight riffing. The beat intensifies and the riffs change up about 20 seconds in giving this track some serious groove. There’s a strong psychedelic feel to this one with the guitar effects that come about a minute in, but don’t expect any goofy keyboards. This one is just drums and guitar, but it works. About two and half minutes in things slow down a bit, but the cymbals come to dominate shortly after. Honestly, this track is all over the place. One minute it’s got a strong stoner rock feel, then it’s creeping on psychedelic and even southern rock territory. It’s a mind bending track, especially with a slick solo about four minutes in and that spacey fade out. I can only imagine what this track would be like on acid, but I bet it’d be the trip of a lifetime.

‘Stoned and Feathered’ is the first single of the album and it’s best described as a marriage of Mastodon and Red Fang, particularly the vocals and lyrical content. It’s got some slick riffs, chunky breakdowns, a strong beat, and some head spinning licks. The guitar effects really set this one apart from the rest, especially the guitar solo, doing well to keep this album burning hot. The only thing I can say that’s remotely negative is “what the hell is going on in the last minute? I went from rocking out to meditation.”

Ok, the odd meditation fadeout worked out pretty nicely as a lead into ‘Colossus.’ This track is a bit slower than the rest, but the fret work is impeccable and the open cords set the stage for the coming onslaught of heaviness that comes just after of minute of play time. And after a short but wild section, the track seems to build up the energy with the pounding of the drums before it ultimately fades out into a slow strum and reserved drum beat. The licks here are sweet and the hum of the bass really gives the track a nice vibe, but I was expecting things to blow up. You see, that’s the beauty of this record; it goes against what you’re thinking, so just when you think the song is going one way, it takes a sharp turn into new territory.

After the almost nine minute epic that was ‘Colossus’ I wasn’t sure what to expect with ‘Lightbearer.’ What I got was a by the boom stoner meets doom anthem. The vocals make a return as heavy guitars and bass chug over the ever impressive drums. Things slow down about two minutes in but dive into a hypnotizing melodic section that just sinks into your brain. I know I sound like I’m praising the hell out of this album, but it’s the truth. This is just a killer album. Even the odd Yeti noises from three minutes to the end were enjoyable because there’s no such thing as wasted space on this record. Even the odd atmospheric sections serve a purpose in providing their respective track some serious character while setting up its successor.

‘Aprophis’ is the first time the album honestly takes a dip. It’s not a bad song by any means, it’s just rather plain. Perhaps that what the band intended because it’s just short of two minutes and doesn’t do much outside of the box. I like this think of this as an interlude for the final 12 minutes of the album.

‘Beneath the Black Sun’ starts out with some eerie, swamp-like synths before creeping into a slow beat and melodic rhythm. Things slowly speed up but not by much while the bass cranks up the heaviness for a bit. The track slides back into that hypnotic melodic section before cranking up the power once more. About two minutes in the heaviness wins through and the speed cranks up into a groovy rhythm that makes you want to bang your head fast and hard. The chugging riffs and splashing cymbals drive this one to victory with some wild leads thrown in for good measure. At about 5 minutes the tune takes a complete 180 by slowly trudging to the finish line with an eerie melody until finally fading out. It’s a trippy ending for sure.

Finishing off the album is ‘Himalayan Hymn.’ Living up to its name for the first minute and a half, the song exhibits a strong melodic, almost cultish character before exploding into a blasting riff. Then after a short breakdown, the speed and technicality crank up with the splash of symbols taking command over the distorted guitars. This one is all over the board, but damn does it hit the spot! The wild leads and beats just conquer my attention until the abrupt but characteristic minute long fade out at the end.

I’ll be honest, stoner metal really isn’t my thing, but if more bands were like Telekinetic Yeti then I’d be a diehard. Abominable is easily one of the best stoner/doom albums I’ve ever heard and is sure to place highly on the top 100 albums of the year. If you didn’t read the whole review, then here’s the rundown. This band is all over the place with its style. One minute they’re going low and slow, next it’s fast and heavy, and before you know it they’re rocking you with a wicked beat and some furious melody. If you dig stoner metal with some serious progressive flare to their base style, then by all means buy this album when it’s out. This is not one you’re going to want to miss out on. 9.5/10


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