Review: Drude – Self-Titled


Written by James Klopstein

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana; Drude sounds like they would be the thing that should not be, lying beneath the bogs down south. This sludgy trifecta of doomsayers brings to you their sound of heavy yet melodic riffs and bellowing vocals on this dreary hell-ride of an album.

A melancholic and misanthropic beginning leads into heart pumping beat that beckons unto the soul. Carrying on for a little bit over nine minutes, this title track, ‘Drude,’ sets the pace for the entire album. Hard hitting, yet at the same time has the melodic frills that enrapture you into their sound.

A bluesy tempo kicks in for the second track entitled ‘Barbelo’ dragging you into a dreary void of nothingness. Then thunder strikes down as the riffs begin to upheaval and gravitate into a fade. In comes the bluesy tempo from before only this time slightly amped. Then a solo strikes in like a venomous snake leaving you poisoned left to die. The darkness draws near as the song takes a sudden turn. Chugging guitars and bass and gnashing vocals kick in. Picking up the pace like death’s locomotive until the song hits almost 10 minutes of unholy rapture.

‘Oasu’ fades in floating down an insipid river of flames, taking the listener unto the gates of hell. Heavy riffage and delectable guitar licks began to become enchanting. The vocals call out like hell-hounds waiting to feast on the tortured and deceived. The song rides out with some more epic riffage that transcends into the following song.

‘Demure’ is an interlude track that takes you down the passages and corridors of this muck-borne collection of tunes, leading you to the final track.

‘Eidolon’ comes in like a ferocious beast. The vocal voracity mixed with the black metal instrumentals gnash with all their might. Then it goes back to the bog with that sweet, sweet sludge. This blend of black and sludge metal consumes the listener and spits out their bones with no remorse. Closing out the album; the listener is left headbanging all the way to the grave.

After listening to this release I’m definitely interested in hearing more from this band in the near future. This is definitely some top notch doom/sludge from the good ole Midwest USA, and I can’t wait to hear the follow up to this release! 9/10


Favorite Track(s): Oasu, Eidolon

For Fans Of: Crowbar, Lord Mantis, Pelican, The Sword


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