Sandness: Hard Rockin’ Glam Metal for a New Generation

sandnessWritten by Shannon Reardon

Birthed in 2008 in the northern Italian city of Rovereto is the ‘80s inspired hard and heavy band, Sandness.

The band draws their influences from artists such as Motley Crue and Def Leppard to Ozzy Osborne and Pink Floyd to pop artists such as Lana Del Ray.

“We think that listening to different kinds of music can provide us with a wide range of ideas for a ‘fresher’ product,” said bassist/vocalist Mark Denkley.

In 2009 Sandness went from a three-piece band to a unit of four when guitarist Robby Luckets joined the band.

“We found Robby in 2009. We immediately felt like he was the perfect missing piece,” said Denkley. “There have been four of us until 2012, when we decided to form a power trio and things got better and better from that moment on.”

Transitioning back to a three-piece band was a challenge for Sandness, but through perseverance the band found the balance they needed to form what they call a power trio.

“We faced the change with determination, bought new gear, rehearsed many times a week and finally found our balance,” said Denkley. “We’re sure it was the best choice for us. It has allowed us to take a step forward as band and as friends facing hard times with a renewed faith.”

The band’s second album, Higher & Higher, was released on Dec. 16, 2016, and while the vocal harmonization and melodies were based on the ‘80s hair metal styling, the themes that come through in the album vary from the traditional sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll ideals.

“Our first album ‘Like An Addiction’ is an in-your-face glam metal album and it talks about the typical clichées of the genre: sex, drugs and rock n’roll,” said Denkley. “But eventually we grew and became more mature, so with ‘Higher & Higher’ we decided to deal with more serious matters. In our new lyrics you can read about animal abuse, violence against women and alcoholism, but also about being strong and living your life in the best possible way and never giving up. But you can also find lighter hymns to love and friendship.”

With the release of Higher & Higher, Sandness hope to tour Europe like they did with the release of their previous album, Like An Addiction, in 2013; though no tour dates have been announced yet.

Along with planning their European tour, Sandness is also in the process of mapping out their next music video and they’re also beginning to write new material for another album.

Planning for a tour, new music videos, and already planning another album can be grueling for most, but the biggest struggle for the band is balancing their musical careers and their day-to-day lives.

“The biggest challenge we have to face is due to the fact that we don’t make a living out of our music yet,” said Denkley. “We work eight (and sometimes more) hours per day during the week and we have to find time to rehearse, to write new songs, to take care of social media, to answer interviews, check reviews, keep in touch with the label, with the booking and press agencies. When you have a new album at stake, giving your best every day and constantly improving your product can become exhausting if you have also an ordinary job to take care of. But it’s also highly rewarding, when you see the results of your hard work. We wouldn’t change this life with anything in the world.”



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