Review: Burning Point – The Blaze

608432.jpgWritten by David Kerber

Burning Point have been part of the establishment of Power Metal for years. Since 2014 equipped them with a new singer, the Finns having been making their way up to the rank of genre greats, and that has a bit to do with the new singer being ex-Battle Beast frontwoman, Nitte Valo.

Already the opener gives the rough direction of the album: Hard, melodic guitar riffs, groovy rhythm section from bass and drums, now and then a few matching keyboard sequences and, of course, Nitte’s expressive and powerful voice. The whole thing is on a very high level and serves as a benchmark for power metal progression. Although most of the songs are in the up-tempo range, there is no boredom to be had as there is enough variety through the many different riffs and melodies.

With ‘My Spirit’ and “Lost in Your Thoughts,’ the band shows  a bit more gentle tones, allowing Valo to show off her impressively varied singing.

‘Chaos rising’ is by far the best song on the album, which justifies the purchase of the album almost alone. Here, true artists are at work, and they who know how to captivate the listener.

In recent years, I have heard some good power metal albums, but none of them approached The Blaze. Everything fits together here and sets a new level for power metal. Anyone who is scorning this album is at fault! 10/10


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