News: New Album from LEAH on the Horizon

Folk metal fans rejoice, the Canadian Celtic metal project LEAH is working on their new album with Timo Somers (Delain), Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian), and Sander Zoer (ex-Delain) returning alongside namesake and vocalist Leah McHenry.

According to McHenry, the band presently has eight songs beyond pre-production. McHenry promises a “really nice balance of more ambient, mellow or mid-tempo tracks, and higher-energy metal songs” with a bit of prog thrown in for good measure.

McHenry has stated that the band’s goal is to have 10 total tracks for the album, including at least one 11 minute epic.

Seeking to take the celtic metal sounds that Leah has become known to the next level McHenry has enlisted the aid of producer, Oliver Philipps (Phantasma, Everon).

“The cool part about working with him is he’s really encouraged me to just let the music come out however it needs to, and to not try and force it into a certain box. This has been very good for me,” McHenry says of working with Philipps.

And while having members of Delain and Blind Guardian among her ranks is already a big draw, McHenry has recruited another big name in symphonic metal for the album – Troy Donockley. Considering his work with Nightwish, Donockley is sure to add a fresh and interesting layer to the Leah sound.

If you have been following Leah on Facebook you might have noticed a mention or two of a surprise song on the horizon. Given that the album won’t be out for some time Leah plans to release a sneak peak at the album via their newsletter and Facebook account, so keep an eye out for it and don’t forget to check out the band’s previous releases. They’re well worth your money if you fancy great folk metal.



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