Review: Panikk – Discarded Existence

628614Written by Mason Powell

Purveyors of thrash rejoice! Panikk is here from Slovenia to usher in a new era of face-pounding thrash metal. A genre often plagued with poor quality recordings, Panikk proves that doesn’t have to be the case, because Discarded Existence connects like a roundhouse to the head.

Out of the gates Panikk are baring their teeth with precision guitars matched by a savage rhythm section making this album a must-listen early on. The first track of this album is like being shot out of a cannon. With the precision of a lightning strike, the guitars kick off the album with a ferocity of a bear attack. Equally impressive are the drum sounds on this album. The drum sounds are well engineered and well played. Like pistons, this cat will bring the fire to your ears. Panikk knows their thrash too. Anyone well versed in this genre will appreciate their chops and head nods to a well-defined genre. Their additions to thrash are standing in line with others like Havok, codifying their existence in the history of modern metal.

The lead work on this album is no less than interstellar. You can sample this delicious delight right out of the gates with the track ‘Instigator of War’ which includes a powerful mid-song the breakdown. This one is a neck-breaker! Showing off their groove chops amidst this beast of a thrash album is another reason this is a must- listen.

In classic fashion, track two is straight shredder, opening the song with magnificent high end. The drum turnarounds on ‘Sedated in Utopia’ will make you go home and practice more. Utter precision and power flows from this track.

Another highlight from this album is the double kick work on ‘Under Pretence.’ So killer, in fact, that it kicks off the track with machine gun speed and razor precision. The next highlight on the album is the acoustic work on the track ‘Rotten Cells.’ The first 30 seconds of this tune will change your mind about acoustic sounds on a thrash beast this big.

Up next is the pounder ‘Discarded Existence.’ This one is a hair spinner, so strap in and get the ice ready because your neck is going to need it in the morning. This track shines in its speed, which is slower than the rest, but relies heavily on its groove until about mid-tune when the curtain is pulled back to reveal thrash bones.

Nearing the end of the album you get another taste of the drummer’s tasty chops. Speed fills are a classic hit but this dude pulls it off like a hand grenade. Tosses it out and starts the mosh pit-churning track.

The name of the game on this album is speed and precision met with actual talent. Do not overlook this album. Even if thrash is not your thing, grab it and put it on. You will not be sorry. 8/10


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