Review: Spitefuel – Second to None

638545Written By Jussi Gough

Blasting into the scene like a newly super charged atom of velocity Germany’s own Spitefuel kick it off with their latest album, Second To None. Keeping an active listening ear to the newest in music one has to admit upon listening to this material this act gives punchy driving tunes laced with groovy melodic overtones. Anticipating what Spitefuel is made of their first track ‘On Burning Wings’ gives an orchestrated minuet of their sound, which really kicks into gear with second track ‘Purified.’

Purified’s introduction musically resembles Judas Priest ‘Painkillers,’ then gives into something raw and powerful. There are parts of this song that have that Priest inspired guitar-work, but the band keeps it alive with their own style.

Breathing musical fire with their fourth track ‘Whorehouse Symphony’ delivers a symphony of wicked guitar rhythms along with bass pounding grooves this track is a listening delight in itself.

Giving the listener a taste of vocal intensity Stefan Zorner’s strength can be defined as diversely fearsome yet emotional but has that classic heavy metal approach which shows no boundaries. Tracks such as ‘Regrets’ and ‘Fly’ display the more melodic side to Zorner’s style as well as the rest of the band that back the emotional longing throughout the music. Zorner’s harder edge can be heard prominently on ‘Sleeping with Wolves,’ which guitarist Tobias Eurich and Timo Pflunger blend their guitar structures harmoniously.

Showing how a power driven rhythm section flows, ‘Triad of Faith’ displays bassist Finn Janetzky and drummer Bjorn-Philipp Hessenmuller ability to onslaught anything in their path. Showing the full frontal of their power Spitefuel gives it their all with ‘Devil’s Darling,’ which spirals into a sound of force of guitar chaos along with thunderous rhythmic beats that entices the listener for more.

Spitefuel as a band creates a great atmosphere with catchy rhythms and heavy driven compositions, which make this band unique in today’s music scene. Along with bestowing well-written songs that are emotionally charged with their lyrical content Spitefuel is well fitted as a band to perform for the long haul. Upon listening to Second To None in its entirety various times, there is a nostalgic observation that draws one into the past where bands of this style dominated the listening airwaves to which one might crave into the present day. Spitefuel is a band that captures the essence of the old school, yet makes it as musically intriguing into today’s music.

Officially formed in 2016, Spitefuel has a ways to go in honing their sound, but they have some real strength in their songwriting ability. Least to say, this is one of those new artists you’re going to want to keep an eye on as time moves into the future. 7/10


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