Review: Sorry, No Sympathy – Evolve/Dissolve

EPCoverED.jpgWritten by Brett Kihlmire

Coming out of Laramie, Wyoming, Sorry, No Sympathy is a “Melodic Something-core” band with a hot style and refreshing sound. Their new extended play, Evolve/Dissolve, releases March 30th, 2017 and it’s definitely a release that core fans aren’t going to want to miss.

‘Last Walk’ kicks things off with a fast drum beat followed by some sweet melodic riffs. Soon enough vocalist Chace Corrigan kicks up the heat with his gnarly growls that are seamlessly joined by the entrancing cleans of guitarist/vocalist, Trevor Kuma. Oozing with melody, sweet riffs and leads and a strong metalcore backbone, ‘Last Walk’ kicks this extended play off on a high note.

A little heavier and more “core” than its predecessor, ‘Complacency’ keeps things running hot with tight riffs, great melody, and an outstanding blend of harsh and clean vocals. One thing I felt was a little lacking in the previous track was the breakdowns, which are pretty much a requirement in this genre. Fortunately, ‘Complacency’ more than makes up for the lacking in the metalcore staple. Making this track all the better was an extra lethal dose of vocal rage courtesy of Jeremy Schaffer. All in all, this was a killer track and a wise choice for a music video.

‘Bloom’ is something right out of left field. After two hard hitting tracks I wasn’t expecting the band to slow things down and take a trip into the instrumental realm. Given my love of progressive metal this one really hit the spot. Clean sweeps, wailing lead, sometimes shreddy but sometimes chugging riffs, powerful but not blasting beats and a chilly atmosphere made for an excellent middle track. Whether you love or hate instrumentals this one is going to be a fan favorite. And then there’s that spoken word section at the very end. I’m generally not a fan of spoken word sections, but it was a fantastic the way to transition into the next track.

After the relatively relaxing interlude that was ‘Bloom’ Sorry, No Sympathy drags the listener back into the pit with the hard hitting ‘Cognitive Dissonance.’ Featuring a faster tempo than anything before it and a distinctive hardcore punk style, especially the vocals and group chanting, this may be a short one but damn is it killer! There’s simply no arguing with a throwback to your inspirations, especially when it comes in the form of fast rhythms and aggressive vocals with a touch of melody thrown in for good measure.

Rounding out the extended play is ‘Tendencies.’ Dropping the more aggressive hardcore punk feel, this one returns to the band’s “melodic something-core” sound as it can’t be easily classified. A fast and heavy drum beat rocks this one hard as the guitars switch between shreddy leads and melodic riffs, while Corrigan charges head first into the fray with his aggressive vocal style. All in all, this one doesn’t quite live up the progressive nature of the rest of the album, but it’s far from a bad tune.  Hell, it’s damn good, especially for a metalcore track.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest core fan due to most bands in the genre tending to stick to style conventions and doing little in the way of pushing the limits. That’s definitely not the case with Sorry, No Sympathy on Evolve/Dissolve. No two songs sound the same on and every songs pushes in a different direction make for a varied and enjoyable experience. Whether you dig melodic metal, hardcore punk, or modern metalcore this is one EP you are not going to want to miss. 9.5/10




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