Steel Messiah: German Heavy Metal Keeping the Spirit Alive


Written by Brett Kihlmire

Hailing from Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Steel Messiah rocks a heavy metal sound that blends glam, speed and black into one cohesive heavy metal assault that you can only get from the German metal scene.

Brought together by a passion for metal, Steel Messiah was founded at the end of 2013 by Kai Wagner (rhythm guitar), Marius Röntgen (bass and lead vocals), Daniel Ibach (drums) and Julian Scheffold (lead guitar).

“They were a bunch of metalheads who just wanted to create some cool music,“ says lead guitarist Marcus Gläser, who joined the band after Scheffold left to join Blind Allegiance in 2014.

Influenced by bands such as Judas Priest, Enforcer, Cinderella and Mercyful Fate, the band has steadily crafted their style and refined their lineup until they were ready to release their debut and so far only release, Of Laser and Lightening.

Today, the band stands as Kai Wagner (rhythm guitar), Marius Röntgen (bass and lead vocals), Moritz Nothhelfer (drums) and Marcus Gläser (lead guitar).

Though the original lineup shifted a bit, Gläser says the band’s biggest challenge was getting their debut extended play recorded and made available.

“We didn´t have any real experiences in that stuff, so it was pretty tough for all of us,“ says Gläser.

Though their EP is only a year old, the band is hard at work on their next release, which they hope to unleash upon the world in 2017. So what’s the inspiration behind the new album?

“The main inspiration was to keep the flame of heavy music alife and to create something on which we can be proud!“

Though still a relatively new band on the metal scene, the band has had the distinct pleasure of sharing the stage with the sci-fi driven Swedish heavy metal outfit, Steelwing. On the whole, the band is still playing the small clubs and venues, but they’re steadily honing their skills, building up their fanbase and developing their stage show, so touring isn’t out of the question. In fact, the band hopes to hit the road in the very near future.

As for their show, Steel Messiah is a heavy metal band, which gives fans a general idea of what to expect – a loud and passionate show devoid of gawdy stage props or outlandish costumes found in other metal genres.

So what does the band have planned for 2017 and beyond? According to Gläser the band plans to get a music video out for the new album, but their primary focus is on the new album itself. As for what the new album might sound like, Gläser promises it will to sound a bit different from the debut while retaining the core elements that earned the band their fanbase thus far.

“Since all of us have different metal preferences the perfect sound was and still is difficult to find for us sometimes. But in the end we always manage to satisfy everyone.  And of course we all share a passion for traditional heavy metal, so it always has been quite clear how the band will sound in general.“



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