Single Review: “Disconnected” by Copia


Written by Mason Powell

Australian metalcore djentists, Copia, have surmounted their boundaries with the new single, ‘Disconnected.’

Revisiting their freshman full-length, Eleven: Eleven (2013), these dudes clearly primed the well because this single is pumping oil. Snapping like a police baton against a femur, this tune starts with a snare sound so good, you will want punch a hole in your wall. With the force of a panzer, the tune immediately clubs you with driving djent. The speed and accuracy of the drums, while quite apparent on their LP, have cured into a concrete bone-crushing nightstick.

Copia have grouted all the cracks in their sound, leaving nothing left between. This tune brandishes a heaviness that pushes the red when stood up against their freshman release. The metalcore fan will revel in the chorus breakdowns with a classic vocal delivery that includes a shared group chorus. Lock stepping through the entire song like conjoined twins, Copia’s rhythm section is filled with brutal djent patterns and breaks.

The state of the world is not lost on these dudes either. The lyrics focus on our current political and social circumstances, painting a bleak picture of humanity and our woes. Ascribing, as so many rightfully do, our issues to the political and religious organizations holding us back in so many respects. This is where metal thrives and the current state of the world seems to be bolstering a robust metal scene. There are swarms of angry people out there that need this kind of a driving commentary.

In short, this is an exciting piece of music from Copia and seems to signal a maturing of their sound into something a bit harder and better defined. Copia seems to have found their voice and a new approach to not only their music but their production values as well. ‘Disconnected’ is a poignant social commentary that will leave you searching for the pre-order button for this album. Their upcoming LP, Epoch, is set to drop on March 31st.

Don’t hesitate, head over to and sign up for their pre-order. For now, you will have to catch these guys in Australia or Europe. Judging by the quality of this single though, one might expect to see these dudes in the states eventually. Djent on, Copia, if Epoch is anything like this track, you have great things on the way. 7/10




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