Review: Monolord – Vaenir

a3503731580_16.jpgWritten by Mason Powell

Grab your bong for this one folks because you will not make it through without it.

This album review is aimed at getting you acquainted with a band that will be dropping an album later this year: Monolord, a three-piece doom giant hailing from Sweden. The outfit began as a way for some boogie rockers to whet their heavy chops but turned out to be a vain of platinum doom ready for mining.

These dudes came out punching, all be it very slowly. Grab your eye drops as we work our way through this bog of battle-ready fuzz.

Vaenir is not going to provide you lyrical insight into much of anything but bashing your head against your table after some strict-ass dabs. These dudes are going to take you on a journey that will take you back to the music store to ask your local dealer for the heaviest fuzz pedal you can find.

Vaenir’s tones are what we’re going to spend this 500 words talking about. Like a band full of bassists, Monolord will be your doom savior. These guys seem to have taken lessons directly from the great Matt Pike (High On Fire) when it comes to their tone. Dipping the gravity field below the event horizon, the bass alone brings heaviness unparalleled on many albums south of the finest doom the States has to offer.

I’m writing this review as my wife is driving an interstate highway and I’m pretty sure we’re leaving tracks behind us it’s so heavy. If you took these bass tones on a boat, you’d sink 10 feet into the mud below. The Weedian approves of your sounds, friend. Keep them coming.

Let’s chat about that guitar, shall we? My god, I’ve not heard much, outside of Pike’s tones that will equal this. As if carved from the jawbone of a mastodon, these tones wield an almost mystical power that will have you planting weed in your backyard as if commanded by Satan himself. Not only can this dude power through the bass tone with his tree-felling axe, he provides some lead sounds that any DOOM act would bleed for. Slow and low is the name of the game, and this guy is winning.

If there is one thing I wish there were better on this album it is the drum sounds. While they are still a monstrosity to behold, the drums seem a little softer in pitch than the rest of the band. The snare seems to be too high in the mix and the cymbals too out front. I’d like to see some compression applied to see where it takes the sound.

That being said, the drummer clearly has done his homework. DOOM is one of the most difficult genres for a drummer to pull off. Keeping it simple, the drums provide the hammer that forges the bands weapons.

DOOM is revelry at its finest and Monolord are carnival. Load your pipe, sit down, and prepare for a trip with this record. Once you are done, realize that within a year these guys are going to grace your ears with more sounds of the underbelly. 6/10



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