Diary of a Metal Fan: Death’s Scream Bloody Gore

Scream_Bloody_Gore.jpgWritten by Matt Drummond

“Turning point in extreme metal.”

“Death metal at its utmost extreme, brutal, raw, and offensive – the kind that separates the true death metallers from countless trend following wimps.”

“The first true death metal album.”


Regardless what band, or particular album, you consider to be responsible for modern day death metal 1987’s Scream Bloody Gore by Death should be in the conversation. What Death was able to accomplish was taking a blueprint laid out by bands like Possessed and Venom and injecting their own style for a new form of terror.

Originally forming in 1983 under the name Mantas by guitarist and vocalist Chuck Schuldiner, Death changed the game forever. On May 25, Death’s debut studio album will turn 30 and its importance to the music we all love should be acknowledged. May 25th, 1987 is a day that should go down in history as the day Florida birthed the monster that is death metal.

With sounds of visceral doom portrayed through a horrific barrage of heavy sound, Schuldiner seemed to fuse thrash metal with fresh and extreme approach. Scream Bloody Gore is a ten track trend smasher written by the godfather of death metal, Chuck Schuldiner. When I say he wrote the album, that’s actually an understatement; he actually played bass, guitar, wrote all the songs and provided vocals. The guy was a metal machine.

Showing a heavy horror influence, songs like ‘Regurgitated Guts,’ ‘Beyond the Unholy Grave’ and ‘Zombie Ritual,’ the album was directly inspired by horror movies. The entire album is laced with an ominous, dark vibe and was certainly unnerving, but it was some new, so why question it? Listening to songs like ‘Mutilation’ and ‘Infernal Death’ it’s easy to hear the beginnings of a sound that became so synonymous with Death over the years.

Between the years of 1987-1998 Death unleashed seven absolutely crushing records with 1988’s Leprosy and 1991’s Human being the most celebrated. Regardless which Death album is your personal favorite I’m here to tell you there isn’t a bad record in the bunch.

Unfortunately for Death and metal fans everywhere, the mad genius himself, Chuck Schuldiner, would succumb to cancer in December 2001 at just the age of 34, Chuck has left an unshakable legacy in his wake. He is embedded in heavy metal history, and is unquestionably a man that should never be forgotten. The screams for bloody gore, still echo in the halls of metal, and Chuck lives on.


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