Review: D8 Dimension – ProGr 0

download (1).jpgWritten by Elliot John Doe

D8 Dimension were formed in 2009 in Livorno, Italy, since then they have graced many stages around their home country and even a few in other parts of Europe. Having initially recorded a 5-track demo titled ‘Demo-N’ in 2010, followed by their seven track EP ‘Octocruna’ in 2012, thus fusing alternative metal with elements of aggressive sounds, creating an industrial-metal hybrid. Now in 2017 we have a strong band with a crushing full length album, titled ‘ProGr 0,’ to sink our teeth in to.

The first track, ‘-39°c,’ wastes no time in kicking off the album with nu-metal-esque drums, industrial riffing, and EBM-like keyboards swarm this track and create the perfect back drop for the husky rock vocals. The track is completed with some heavy breakdown riffage and a hooky chorus that has that great industrial repetition.

‘My Feast’ is infected with a mind drilling keyboard part in the intro and used throughout to add an extra element to mesh the rock and metal guitar riffs, and are matched by some hard hitting and proficient drums; as well as another soaring vocal performance sends this song on it’s way.

‘Matryoshka’ has a creepier vibe, dark samples and keyboards set the scene, soon joined with bluesy metal guitars. There are some really great background noises going on here and some vocals leaning more toward the rocky side. So far D8 Dimension can bring something different on each track, with the vocals changing styles slightly to match what’s going on musically and done brilliantly.

‘X: Bigger Boat’ has an intro reminiscent of Ministry, and introduces some guitar and keyboard elements that wouldn’t have been out of place on some early Rammstein recordings. It was also nice to see some double pedal action being thrown into the mix and a head banging breakdown, layering transcendent keyboard pads, and a subliminal chorus with the vocals.

A Dark but poppier track, ‘Rollformer Gospel,’ slams right into your ears, once again switching it up between military metal and alternative riffs. This track keeps you guessing as to where they’re headed musically throughout and comes to an abrupt end before you’ve even made your mind up. My favorite part on this one is the deep and funky keyboard leads in between the guitars.

‘Astrokiller’ is another mish-mash track that blends the metal, alternative and industrial elements perfectly whilst adding in some tribal-esque drums in parts, a simple yet effective lead guitar, as well as a haunting keyboard part in the chorus that is extremely memorable.

‘Anamnesis’ explores some more classic metal riffs and leads yet still incorporating the alternative and electronics. A really great angsty and heartfelt vocal performance can be found here, this track has to be my album favorite. The song has a great catchy mid-tempo beat yet will keep you banging your head along the whole way through and really encapsulates a feeling of emotion.

Samples flood the intro of ‘Industrial II’ and aptly so with it’s title, crushing guitars and rocking drums keep the track flowing, and the keys definitely add an industrial backdrop feel as opposed to more of an EBM vibe in previous tracks. Another great song that unfortunately comes to a halt only too soon.

‘Les Fleurs’ carries some of that Ministry-esque feel again in the guitars and the vocals bring more of the husky rock feel back into the fold. Some excellent drumming that has some great time signature changes and cracks out another dose of double pedal. Insane and exciting keyboards see this track out in a truly early 90’s industrial fashion.

The final track ‘Y: Salt On Carthage’ once again is a perfect fusion of all the elements that the band uses in it’s influenced arsenal, a great celebration of what they like and how they put it into practice. This track is just oozing with Metal, Industrial, Alternative, Rock, while adding in great leads and an atmospheric piano refrain that will be in my head for days!

Clearly drawing influences from the likes of Rammstein, Disturbed & Spineshank, with the occasional dash of Ministry and Tool, yes I’m using a lot of comparisons here, but not in any derogatory way, it’s an excellent homage and D8 Dimension have harnessed that and done it in their own style. This album is a brilliant debut that I’m sure will not be ignored and take them on to further shores than just Europe very soon. 7/10


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