Gallery: Bloodbound, Crystal Viper – Dragons & Witches Tour 2017

Bloodbound, Crystal Viper – Dragons & Witches Tour 2017

Location: MarX Hamburg
Date: April 9th 2017

Written by Rainer Kerber – Photos by Rainer Kerber

At the end of the Dragon & Witches Tour 2017 Bloodbound (Sweden) and Crystal Viper (Poland) invited the fans to the MarX (small stage of the Markthalle) in Hamburg. The tour was named after the two current albums of the co-headliners – “War of Dragons” and “Queen of the Witches.” Two other bands from Sweden (Thobbe Englund and Rexoria) completed the evening. Four bands in one evening promised four times heavy metal of various genres – the Marx was sold out as expected making the perfect conditions for a rocking evening. And at the end of the tour, there were natural a lot of jokes and “guest performances” on the stage.

At 7:00 pm Rexoria, a new Melodic Metal band from Sweden, kicked things off. The band, which was founded in the beginning of 2016 around frontwoman Frida Ohlin, was able to persuade the fans from the first minute with burning guitars, popping riffs and double bass thunderstorms all while Frida sang with a powerful voice.

Setlist Rexoria:

  • Way To Die
  • Heated Up
  • Valiance In War
  • Soldier Of The Sun
  • The World Unknown

For four years Thobbe Englund played with Sabaton on the many great stages of the metal world. Now he returns with his own band to play the smaller clubs where it’s back to roots with classic old-school heavy metal. And Thobbe showed his skills not only on the guitar but as a singer as well. Of all of his tunes, it was ‘The Glow’ that impressed me most; it gave a real Black Sabbath feeling.

Setlist Thobbe Englund:

  • Sold My Soul
  • Annihilation
  • Steel & Thunder
  • The Glow
  • It Burns!
  • Solo
  • Woldborn
  • End Of Oil
  • Break The Chains
  • I Am
  • Trägen Vinner

It’s been a few quiet years for Crystal Viper due to health problems for singer Marta Gabriel putting the band on hold. Now that the Poles are back, they’re stronger than ever. In February this year they celebrated with their sixth studio album a terrific comeback – “The Witch Is Back”. And exactly with this song, Crystal Viper started in their set and went on to play four more from their latest release. My highlight of the evening (as well as the album) was “When the Sun Goes Down;” a metal anthem in the Manowar tradition. With the Grim Reaper cover “See You in Hell” Crystal Viper said goodbye to their fans until next time. This set was Power Metal at its finest.

Setlist Crystal Viper:

  • Rozpierdol
  • The Witch Is Back
  • Night Prowler
  • Night Of The Sin
  • Witch’s Mark
  • When The Sun Goes Down
  • Flames And Blood
  • Greed Is Blind
  • Gladiator (Die By The Blade)
  • The Last Axeman
  • Metal Nation
  • See You In Hell

Two years ago Bloodbound were still special guests on the Generation Steel Tour from Majesty. In 2017 they are now on the stage of the MarX as headliners. In February, the band released their latest album “War of Dragons.” Packed with metal anthems and classical heavy metal, it reminded me of their Swedish countrymen Sabaton musically, while singer Patrik J Selleby sounds more like Joacim Cans of Hammerfall. And the fans were going to be full from the beginning. Alongside the riff-heavy “War of Dragons” they presented other songs off the album, including the show closing power metal hymn “Silver Wings;” a worthy ending of this evening.

Setlist Bloodbound:

  • Iron Throne
  • War Of Dragons
  • Stand And Fight
  • In The Name Of Metal
  • Satanic Panic
  • Stormborn
  • When All Lights Fall
  • Moria
  • Battle In The Sky
  • Fallen Heroes
  • Nightmares From The Grave
  • Silver Wings
  • Metalheads Unite
  • Dragons Are Forever
  • Nosferatu

For our German-speaking fans, please check out the original German language version of the review HERE



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