News: New Music from God Dethroned, Riot Instinct, Freakangel, Theory and TrustNo1


God Dethroned

God Dethroned

Netherlands – Blackened Death Metal

The legendary Dutch blackened death metal outfit returns May 5th, 2017 with the new album The World Ablaze. Here’s your first taste of this spine cracker of an album!

Riot Instinct.jpg

Riot Instinct

Germany – Thrash Metal

The German thrashers are back in action with the first single from their new demo, Kingdom of Disease. Here’s your first taste of this five-track release.



Estonia – Industrial Metal

Freakangel just released their latest album, IV: How The Ghost Became. Blending industrial and metal, this Estonian outfit boldly brings back a style underrepresented in the modern metal scene. Here’s your first taste.



Denmark  – Progressive Power Metal

Hailing from Denmark, Theory released their first full length album, The Art of Evil, back in February. Delivering a combination of power and progressive metal, this one band you’re going to want to check out.



Austria – Death/Groove Metal

Bringing a groove metal sound with a death metal spirit, Austria’s TrustNo1 have been without fresh material since 2010 due to their label going under. 2017 is the band’s year as the new track ‘Kalashnikov’ is available to kick start the band’s glorious return.


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