News: Goth Metal Newcomer’s Sharzall Readying to Introduce Debut Album and New Music Video

Sharzall are prepared to conquer the music scene. The Gothic Metal quintet from Bratislava, Slovakia has signed a deal with the German indie label NRT-Records this month and have some surprises on the agenda for 2017.

Founded in 2014 the band combines Gothic Metal with Dark-Rock and elements from Post-Punk, giving themselves a unique sound that has earned them renown in their homeland of Slovakia.

This cabinet of horror acts out an image mixing inspirations like A Clockwork Orange and splatter B-movies with theatrical metal as seen with Marilyn Manson and King Diamond.

Fans of the band describe the sound of Sharzall as a mixture of The Sisters of Mercy and early Deathstars. Of course, Sharzall should not be fixed on these examples, as they create their own sound, but newcomers can expect eerie Gothic Metal fearlessly blending with Post-Rock, Horrorpunk with ambitious guitar solos and eerie synths throw in for good measure.

The single ‘Crisis’ and the teaser EP, Serenade of Perdition, will be released on May 17th setting the stage for the release of Black Sun on June 16th by the band’s debut album, Black Sun.

unnamed (2).png


Way To Die (Video Edit)

Love Is On The Ground

Crisis (Video Edit)

unnamed (1).png



Hell Quit

Piker Man


Way to Die


Love Is on the Ground

Death March

Black Sun

New Day

Frozen Touch



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