Kings: Catching Fire in the Down Under

17799248_1943152602580483_5557581574319785797_nWritten by Brett Kihlmire

One of Australia’s biggest exports in the 21st century is heavy music. Coming from Brisbane, Kings is relatively fresh on the scene, but they’re a hungry group looking to take their continent by storm with blistering riffs, powerful melodies and beats, and inspired vocals.

Formed in late 2015, Kings came together as a group of friends with an appreciation for heavy music. Inspired by the works of Rage Against the Machine, Norma Jean and Beartooth, just to name a few, the band had a lot of ideas thanks to years in the music scene. As a result, they took to recording their debut album, Never Alone, at StL Studios in Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia, taking the name Kings from their belief that everyone is equal and a king in their own right.

“We believe that everyone should be viewed as Kings and Queens in this world, no matter what you or others think of you. So go out and do something great!” says guitarist Nat Cochran.

Though the band hit the ground running; playing shows to build their brand, and writing and their debut album, they hit their first major bump in the road in 2016 with the loss of their first drummer.

Due to personal problems, their original drummer had to part ways with Kings before recording his tracks for the album. Fortunately, the departure was smooth and on good terms, and with the recruitment of the Josh Burnett, the band’s lineup has been stable ever since.

“Josh actually recorded all the drums on our album, even before he was technically in the band, so it’s great to have him on board,” says Cochran of the band’s drummer.

Today, Kings stands tall with Lewis Graham, Matt Brandon, Elliott Burnett, Nat Cochran and Josh Burnett, and their skill and experiences have kept the band going strong.

“All of us except Lewis have known each other for years, just as friends as well as playing in bands together. But we met Lewis through previous bands we were in and struck up a friendship. We found out he shared the same sort of values as us and thought it would be great to have him as our frontman. And we haven’t looked back since!”

With their debut album due out May 19th, 2017, Kings is ready to take the world by storm with their powerful sound.

“We are pretty proud that we wrote and recorded an entire album. We worked hard on it and we can’t wait to show everyone!” says Cochran. “One of our favorite experiences as a band was going into the studio and recording the album. We love the writing and recording process and the good times that occur.”

With the groundwork for the album quickly laid down, Kings recorded the album over three sessions at StL Studios in 2015 and 2016.

“It really helped shape us as a band and what direction we wanted to take musically. Sonny and Evan are legends and it was super fun hanging out with them,” says Cochran.

Even without an official album released, the band has seen a good deal of success by earning not only a loyal following but a spot on lineups featuring Dream On Dreamer and I Set My Friends On Fire.

“Those shows were awesome for getting our name out there and we really appreciate those opportunities,” Cochran says proudly.

Aiming to build up hype for the debut, the band has released the single ‘Stone Cold,’ which is described by Cochran as “driving with riffs but dynamics and melodic aspects play a big part. We love when songs build and fall, and we love when heavy bands have melodic parts, especially singing.”

“We aim to write lyrics that are positive and have a message behind it. Music is a powerful thing so we want to convey something positive and empowering whenever we write,” Cochran adds.

With their album releasing shortly, the band is preparing to break out of the Brisbane scene and play all of the major cities in Australia, and hopefully the world in the not too distant future. So what can fans expect from a Kings show?

“Kings fans can expect a high energy show but moments where we bring it down and play softer songs,” Cochran. “We view the live show as one machine, rather than a bunch of songs. So all the songs we play flow into one another and form the greater set. So we hope that people watching are never bored!”

With their debut just around the corner, a slew of shows and some music videos surely to follow, Kings is on the fast track to success. These Aussie rockers are keen on making a name for themselves and it’s just a matter of time before their name spreads around the globe.



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