Review: Blind Saviour – The Master Plan

1470820536_8f0ec7c23b3ddf4868a29f8ad31a9b5a.jpgWritten by Rainer Kerber

With Malta, many people associate sun, beach and blue sea, but historically Malta has so much more to offer. The island was under Greek and Roman rule, later conquered by the Arabs and was the seat of the Knights of Malta before they became part of the British Empire. The musical landscape of the island state, independent since 1964, is as varied as its history. There are a lot of metal bands of different genres and one is power metal outfit, Blind Saviour.

Formed in 2013, these musicians have already gained experience in other Maltese bands like Weeping Silence, Phantom Lord or Arachnid. Last year, Blind Saviour produced their debut album, The Master Plan, on which the musicians take a time journey into the year 2229 – a post-apocalyptic period where the struggle of humans against robots is life in this Terminator-esque world.

I’m not a big fan of intros, especially when they are really sprawling, but ‘Beyond The Portals of the Four Winds’ is the fitting introduction for the album – let the time travel through the portal of the four winds begin! After this almost hymn-like dislocation by space and time Blind Saviour then really go off.

The riff-heavy “Reign of the Robot Clans” describes what we find after the trip – the regency of the machines. Melodic guitar playing, powerful drums and some hectic sounding keyboards are heard. Rachel sings with fairly high for the genre but still very pleasant voice.

In ‘Brink of Destruction’ the Maltese sprinkle speed metal elements into the song, according to the theme. ‘The Day After’ is a quiet song, a new day breaks, the past events are reviewed. The song is very melodic, a hopeful basic mood is audible. From the middle of the song the song gains pace, culminating in a delicate and quickly played guitar solo.

One of the highlights of the album for me is ‘Warrior of Fire.’ Here the guitarists can show their great skills. Fast, speed metal hooks are powered by the double bass, and there are several excellent guitar solos.

The album ends with the almost twelve-minute epic ‘Revolution.’ Various melody and tempo changes illustrate the struggle for freedom. Also here Aldo Chirchop and Campos Gellel again shine with their guitar playing. In the style of large metal anthems of the song and thus the entire album sounds off. There is hope for humanity again.

In the last few months, some bands have already tried to create a concept album, some have succeeded in doing so. Other bands were just not ready enough for such a work and have failed. Blind Saviour has released a masterpiece of Power Metal with The Master Plan. The compositions of the individual songs always match the text content. Nevertheless, the album is a homogeneous whole. It is clear that experienced and outstanding musicians are at work here. I am already looking forward to the show of Blind Saviour at the Voices of the Succubi Festival in September in Malta. 8/10

For our German speaking fans, check out Rainer’s original German article HERE!


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