Review: Municipal Waste – Slime and Punishment


Written by Matt Drummond

Wow, that was basically my first reaction as I got into the latest offering from these thrashers from Richmond, Virginia. Let me take a second to apologize for my language, but Municipal Waste completely rips assholes apart with Slime and Punishment.

Tony Foresta (vocals), Ryan Waste (guitar), Nick Poulos (guitar), Land Phil (bass) and Dave White (drums) will welcome their sixth studio album this June, and it is a doozy. It’s claimed that at Municipal Wastes very first concert, way back in 2000, that the band was blamed for inciting a riot. After listening to Slime and Punishment that accusation will not surprise anyone and everyone should be prepared for the real thing.

Clocking in just shy of 30 minutes in length, Slime and Punishment can simply be construed as a thrash metal masterpiece. Comprised of 14 tracks, this album unpacks a flamethrower and burns off your face. What you won’t get with this album is any seven minute marathon songs but a full tilt thrash spectacular.

‘Breathe Grease’ opens things up in merciless fashion, spotlighting intertwining, devastating riffs with furious technical guitar work that rampages this entire album. With the commencement of ‘Breathe Grease’ until the album culminates with ‘Think Fast’ it’s a constant shred fest of epic proportions.

Picking favorite songs off an album this good is basically pointless; there are no wrong choices, just personal preference. Stacked up like dead bodies, all 14 tracks are musical knifings in the gut.

Not deviating from the thrash metal definition in the slightest, the first track that stood out to me was track 4, ‘Shrednecks.’ The title pretty much sums it up; this song will shred your neck. Like every other song, ‘Shrednecks’ is an untamed firebolt. As I previously stated, Municipal Waste shows off their lead foot, but perfectly shifts to a crushing riff.

With track 5, ‘Poison the Preacher,’ Dave White hauls off in a double bass wildfire. I’d say ‘Poison the Preacher’ is probably my favorite track on the album with track 13, ‘Death Proof,’ coming in at a close second. However, as I stated, Slime and Punishment is absolutely loaded with killers. ‘Parole Violators’ and the title track are beastly songs as well.

If you’ve never listened to Municipal Waste before, then I highly suggest it. My only advice would be to just bring bandaids, because Slime and Punishment will run you over with a lawnmower. For me, I don’t know if it gets any better than some blood thirsty thrash metal and this is as good as it gets my friends.10/10


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