Review: Stormhammer – Welcome to The End


stormhammer.jpgWritten by David Kerber

What kind of music can you expect from a band called Stormhammer? If you’re thinking classic power metal with lyrics about epic battles, wild northern men, and so on, you’re correct! The Munich band Stormhammer has been playing this style for 24 years and Welcome to the End is their sixth studio album.

After a (dispensable) intro, the guys around singer Jürgen Dachl let loose. Humming doublebass, quick guitar riffs, blasting bass and the rough voice of Dachl characterize the (quasi) opener, as well as all the following songs.

For fans of Manowar, Majesty and Consorts this album will hit just right, but the album seems quite predictable. And since the album has a length of more than an hour, it can get on your nerves after awhile. Not that the last songs were bad, quite the contrary, but 45 to 50 minutes probably would have been enough. But that is nagging at a high level, because apart from the length and the lack of variety the album, this is a solid entry. The musicians understand their craft, the individual songs have a high quality, the production is well-made and the cover is also stylish. Recommendable for fans of the genre. 7/10


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