TideFall: Hard Rock from the Eastern USA


Written by Brett Kihlmire


Formed in 2016, TideFall began as a trio consisting of Zach Cunningham (Vocals/Guitar), Amanda Blackwell (Drums) and Jason Kozura (Bass/Vocals). All were members of the Pittsburgh band Alter the Design, but ultimately split from that project to start TideFall. The first wave of the band wouldn’t last too long, unfortunately.

“It was tough to get things going,” laments Cunningham. “It was kind of dead in the water.”

With Kozura breaking off to form Silence Follows and Blackwell returning to Alter the Design, Cunningham was on his own but far from finished. Though he had to hire a session drummer and bassist when the time for recording came – these duties would be fulfilled by Cory Muro and Mike Ofca, respectively – he kept the project alive as a solo studio project. And thanks to serving as a songwriter for Alter the Design, he had a couple of tracks that didn’t make the cut for the band’s latest extended play. One of these songs would become TideFall’s debut, ‘Control.’

“Honestly, it was kind of nice when I heard ‘Control’ I was in Alter the Design and it was kind of my baby. It was always one of my favorite songs,” Cunningham says fondly.

After reviving TideFall as the lone member, Cunningham hit the studio with the intention of recording just one of his tracks from the Alter the Design years. Of course, this track was ‘Control,’ but the song was reworked quite a bit, especially the vocals. This would be his first experience in a professional studio, and though he wasn’t overly nervous it was recording his vocals that proved hardest, but he made it through.

‘Control’ released on March 27th, 2017 to positive reviews. One reviewer from the Pittsburgh area referred to the song as “a cut above” the rest in the local scene, which greatly boosted Cunningham’s confidence. Plans for the follow up were quickly made.

As of this writing Cunningham has released just the one track, but he says he has enough material for a lengthy extended play. However, when that phase of the project will come to fruition is still unknown. That’s not for a lack of time or inspiration but due to the handicap suffered by just about every independent band – funding, Of course, there is another single called ‘Statement’ on the way and not only is it an original TideFall composition, it will feature Kozura returning on vocals for the track.

“It’s a little heavier than control,” says Cunningham, adding it has more of a Sevendust meets Breaking Benjamin vibe, which gives hope that this one will match or top the emotion and passion  heard on  ‘Control.’

“With this band I definitely wanted to show that homage the best way I could. I think I nailed it,” says Cunningham. “I’m definitely trying to keep it interesting.”

As of right now the next track is on hold until Zach can get the funds scraped together to record. As such, an official music video isn’t likely, though a lyric video is always a possibility. In the meantime fans and newcomers alike can enjoy ‘Control’ at TideFall’s official bandcamp page. It’s definitely worth a listen or two if you’re into hard rock with a sharp edge and a healthy dose of passion in the vocals.


You can hear ‘Control’ by clicking HERE!

Zach Cunningham – Guitar/Vocals



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