Time, The Valuator – Progressive Hard Rock from Germany

17265030_404335993260137_2162186877338582151_nWritten by Brett Kihlmire

Heavy music is an incredibly diverse scene. While a lot of bands stick to one sound and push it to the limit, others are blending different styles for a unique sound. Germany’s Time, the Valuator goes with the latter with a mix of alternative rock, post-hardcore and progressive metal.

Hailing from Essen, Time, the Valuator formed in 2015 with each of its members playing in other bands of varying styles prior to formation.

Inspired by the works of Thrice, Peter Gabriel, Muse, The 1975, Circa Survive and many more, Time, the Valuator got to conjuring their own unique brand of heavy music right away. A couple of lineup changes hampered their progress, but the band has since settled in with Phil Bayer (Vocals), Rene Möllenbeck (Guitars/Keyboard) and Yunus Proch (Drums)

As of this writing the band has yet to release a full album or extended play, but they’ve built a steady following with a pair of singles. Of course, they’re aiming for another single before the release of their debut album later this year.

So what has kept the band from recording an album after two years? As with most bands, money plays its part, but a major issue is the fact that the band’s members are students with all of them either studying full or half-time each semester. And then there’s the trouble that comes with writing music worthy of release.

“For me personally, I had to go through a couple of writer blocks between coming up with awesome ideas,” Möllenbeck says  “It’s pretty de-motivating when you got a couple of good jams in store and can’t come up with anything for weeks or even months. That’s why I literally run to my bedroom equipment once I have a promising idea.”

As of this writing the band hasn’t yet hit the stage. Möllenbeck says the band is focusing on getting their music heard and known before stepping onto the stage. As well, they’ve been busying themselves with perfecting their music.

“I am a perfectionist, so it happens that I scrap around 10 ideas a week cause they appear not unique enough, unoriginal or plain boring. But if a song turns out to be serious material it’s definitely worth the hassle,” says Möllenbeck. “It is important to us to make our debut album a timeless work of art with a ton of influences from different decades. We’ve been writing material for the last two years, even took some of my old ideas from five-six years ago,”

With the release of their third single approaching and the finalization of the album slowly nearing, the band is preparing to take their music to the stage. Rather than simply go on stage and play, they’re planning for an unforgettable show.

“Peter Gabriel is an important influence on live interpretation of songs. It will be a very colorful palette of songs presented with beamer, lightshow and all that’s necessary to make our shows an audio-visual experience,” says Möllenbeck. “We just love the feeling of so much effort being turned into such a beautiful work of art we can be proud of for years.”

Though just two songs have been released so far the band has received a great deal of praise from fans around the world.

“The first comments on ‘Elusive Reasons’ made me so god damn hyped, you have no idea. Of course, I always did music for myself first, was also self-conscious about my writing-capabilities many times. Seeing so much support from fans and the band is a blessing,” says Möllenbeck. “It’s still a bit unreal to me that our listeners want an album real bad and I wish I could make it happen asap.”

For 2017, Time, the Valuator has three major goals to meet: single three, ‘The Violent Sound,’ the release of their debut album, and the commencement of live shows. With any luck all three goals will be met and the band’s unique sound will spread around the globe.




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