Vorbid: Norwegian Thrash With Attitude

13895160_753910664749904_3549530974254232534_n.jpgWritten by Shannon  Reardon

Rocking all the way from Arendal, Norway, Vorbid are the thrash metal band that every metal head needs to know about.

The band draws their influences from bands like Megadeth, Tantara, Testament, Exodus, Rush, Genesis, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd and King Crimson; and used these influences to create a sound that describe as following the ‘80’s blueprint for thrash paired with the complex song writing style of’ 70’s progressive rock.

Vorbid formed in 2013 and after several lineup changes, their members have been solidified as Michael Eriksen on rhythm guitar and vocals, Daniel Emanuelsen on lead guitar, Marcus Gullovsen on the drums, and Jonas Tellefsen on bass.

Since the band’s formation they have won some local band competitions in Norway; as well as placing fourth in The Global Battle of the Bands in Berlin, Germany.

Vorbid also released a four track, self-titled EP in 2016, which was recorded by Knut Magne Valle in Mølla studios.

“The song ‘Garden of Departure’ of the EP, is a song about a guy going around at night digging up graves and having sex with corpses,” said Emanuelsen, lead guitarist and song writer. “The mood I was in while writing this lyric came from some short story I read about a mortician doing much of the same during his working hours. The song is also written like a love story, even though it’s obviously not, the idea came from the song ‘Sweet Leaf’ by Black Sabbath.”

Having recently released their EP, Vorbid says they’re ready to get back in the studio this year to release a full-length album, which they are planning to give a more progressive sound than what has been previously released.

The band has said though that if it weren’t for their young age and how much it costs to put out an album, they would have more songs released than they currently do.

“Economics plays a big part in our recording challenges,” said Gullovsen. “Some of the band is still going through high school and university, so there is not too much of a general income. Writing is never a problem, if we could just sit and write and record non-stop without worrying about school, work or money, we would probably be releasing our 37th album by Spring.”

While it may not be their 37th album, a new album for Vorbid is on the horizon, but in the meantime, their EP is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, and Google Play.



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