Review: Bare Infinity – The Butterfly Raiser

BARE INFINITY - The Butterfly Raiser.jpgWritten by Rainer Kerber

Just a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the solo EP Native Spirit by Italian singer Ida Elena de Razza. Now fluttered into the house is the album “The Butterfly Raiser” by Bare Infinity. Ida Elena is the vocal and visual showcase of the band from Athens since 2014. Bare Infinity was already founded in 2005. Until the temporary break in 2012 the musicians produced an album and an EP. They played at various festivals and toured through Finland and Greece. The highlight was probably the appearance at the Metal Female Voices Fest 2011 in Belgium. In the year 2014 there was then a first sign of the newly formed trio, the single ‘Race of Destiny.’ And now the comeback album The Butterfly Raiser is released.

The opening track of the album is ‘Race of Destiny.’ For this Bare Infinity have also produced an elaborate video (see below), and the song is representative of the entire album – think melodic metal with a lot of pop and/or folk elements. This impression fits the voice of Ida Elena outstandingly. Nevertheless, all the songs have a sufficient base of heaviness and it can be heard many guitar solos.

On ‘Arthemis’ Ida Elena’s Folk partner Albert Dannemann (ex-Blackmore’s Night) gives a Central European folk stamp with his flute. With the Bouzouki (Sands of Time) played by Ioannis Maniatopoulos, a typical Greek instrument is also used. The band also won two outstanding guest vocalists for the album – Max Morton (Morton) and Sarah Wolf (After Time). And with ‘Orions Light’ and ‘Ashes’ guitarist Tomas contributes the male vocals, while ‘Ashes’ even features growls. The title song, however, is the absolute highlight of the album for me. A wonderful blend of folk, rock and metal. With ‘Robins Eye’ there is also a ballad on the album that invites you to dream.

“The Butterfly Raiser” is an album that is fun from beginning to end. Twelve catchy metal songs with strong pop and folk influences that never slips into cheesy territory. In the compositions there is the unmistakable influence of Ida Elena de Razza. If you like her solo work, you’ll love what she does here. The album is an insider tip for those who put on great value for melodies in metal, but also folk metal fans. Do yourself a favour and give this a listen. 8/10



Ida Elena DeRazza – Vocals
Thomas Papadopoulos – Guitar
Steve Davis – Guitar

Label: Blackdown Music

Out: March 3rd 2017

Duration: 01:04:46

Track list:

  • Race Of Destiny
  • Artemis
  • Reaching For The Sun
  • In Desertis
  • The Butterfly Raiser
  • Sands Of Time
  • Hear Me Out
  • Orions Light
  • Ashes
  • Robins Eyes
  • The Devils Call
  • The Sword The Stone And The Wolf

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