Review: Hiddenland – Fuego en el Alma

17974482_1409000099122513_384997431_n.jpgWritten by Rainer Kerber

If you hear about Galapagos Islands you immediately think of a diverse and unique flora and fauna. But the group of islands in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador has more to offer than sandy beaches, mangrove forests, turtles and iguanas. Since 2009 the Folk Metal band Hiddenland has been rocking the island of Santa Cruz (Galapagos archipelago). Despite years of work their debut full length album Tierra de Dragones is still in the making. Fortunately, last year the South American folk metallers released the EP Fuego en el Alma giving us three tracks to gnaw on in the interim.

As a folk metal fan these three songs are really fun listening – they’re a mixture of metallic heaviness and a lot of folk elements. In addition to the violin and the flute, there are various Spanish, Latin and world folk instruments brought into the mix such as Guitarrón, Vihuela, Dulzainas, Tin Whistle or Digderidoo. To this unique sound Vanessa Álvarez sings with a pleasantly warm voice. Her vocals and matched by discreet growls from guitarist Frank Iñiguez giving a sharp edge. In my opinion, the best song on the release is the title song ‘Fuego en el Alma’ (Fire in the Soul) for which the band has produced an elaborate video. Thanks to the likes of Hiddenland and many others, the e folk-rock/metal scene has been enriched by a splash of colour in recent years. The debut album, which will be released this year, is certainly anticipated and sure to be exciting. 8/10



Vanessa Álvarez – Vocals
José Luís Altamirano – Bass
Frank Alexander Cárdenas Iñiguez – Guitars, Growls
Pablo Daniel Jacho Topón – Multi-Instrumentalist
Johan Carlos Freire Guizado – Drums, Percussion
Diego Andrés Tapia Fonseca – Violine

Label: self-released

Out: June 2016

Duration: 16:03

Track list:

  • Abadona
  • Promesa
  • Fuego en el alma

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