Review: Dockerrock

Dockerrock Cover_Front.jpgWritten by Rainer Kerber

Dockerrock was founded in 1996 from a beer mound – to the musical framing of a wedding reception. But for Michael Lindner and his sons, Jan and Lars, it was not enough. The line-up was completed later by Sven Braune and singer Christina Lindner, who is now married to guitarist Jan. Since 1999 the family business is rocking with this line-up. After the musicians from the Hamburg district of Wilhelmsburg hoofed for more than fifteen years exclusively with cover versions of bands like AC / DC, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple and Judas Priest it was time to produce an album with their own songs. The self-titled debut album is now ready and was released in May 2017.

Throughout the years Dockerrock have searched for a niche in melodic hard rock and consistently found it with their own compositions. What was already evident in the live premieres of the new songs at the show in Marias Ballroom is confirmed – the singing parts were mainly sung by the singing drummer Lars. Live vocalist Christina often contributes “only” the backing vocals – unfortunately one would say. But in songs like ‘Familypower’ or ‘Feel My Rythm’ she shows what an exceptional singer she is.

The album opener ‘Dockerrock’ indicates the feel of the album. The musicians rock hard and straightforward. The guitars are popping out of the boxes with strong riffs and beautiful melodies. Thanks to the two guitarists, the sound is really bold and play well with the buzzing drums.

The band really shines with tunes like ‘Devil Woman’ and the beautiful power ballad ‘My Support,’ the latter of which saw a video and an acoustic version recorded. Another great tune is the German-language rocker ’Für einen Moment.’

With their debut album, these Hamburgers have recorded a masterpiece of hard rock. A three quarter of an hour of fun, this is some of the best musical entertainment this year. It’s great to see this project become a serious, original band with varied compositions and a powerful production. All in all, five excellent musicians have gathered here to rock us with the spirit of the 70s and 80s and they hit the bullseye. Hopefully, the wait for the next album is not quite that long. 9/10


Christina Lindner – Vocals, Backing Vocals
Jan Lindner – Guitars
Sven Braune – Guitars
Michael Lindner – Bass
Lars Lindner – Drums, Vocals

Label: Alster Records

Out: May 5th 2017

Duration: 47:00

Track list:

  • Dockerrock
  • Everything Is Alright
  • You
  • Just For A Moment
  • Familypower
  • Devil Woman
  • He Is On Fire
  • My Support
  • Barbecue With Good Friends
  • Feel My Rythm
  • Für einen Moment
  • My Support (acoustic)

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