News: Voices Of The Succubi Festival 2017 Returns to Malta in September

17352405_633981926811759_3383305676261410729_n.jpgWritten by Rainer Kerber

Only three months until the second edition of Voices of The Succubi festival starts. The venue this year is the Château Buskett on the Mediterranean island of Malta and will take place September 2nd. Twice I have visited this island in recent years, to the Metal Over Malta Festival 2016 and 2017, and it’s fantastic.

So what is what is a Succubus? Truly, it’s a female demon who steals the seed of the sleeping man – totally metal! I was assured, however, that the Succubi in Malta are dear and nice. 😉 It’s probably easy to guess that VOTS is a festival for bands with female singers and perhaps some demonic femme fatales as well.

The festival will be organized by the Maltese band MartYriuM, whom I was able to experience live last year. Another band that I saw last year in Malta will play in September – Viper Soup Complex(Malta), with singer Annemarie Spiteri.

Headliners this year is Xandria from Germany with the lovely Dutch singer Dianne van Giersbergen at the helm. I fortunate to be able to experience the band at their most recent album release show in Hamburg.

Rounding out the headliners is Greek symphonic metal outfit, Enemy Of Reality, headed by singer Iliana Tsakiraki.

With two great headliners the show is already promising to be fantastic, but the remainder of the line is just as excellent. These bands include Esperoza (Moldova) whose singer Zoya Belous dominates the entire female vocal range from soprano opera to furious death metal growls; Wolfsinger (Italy); gothic metallers Lightless Moor (Sardinia); power metallers Blind Saviour, whose debut album The Masterplan absolutely rocks!; and Lumxembourg natives, Elysian Gates.

With a wide range of female fronted heavy metal bands lined up to rock the island, Voices Of The Succubi is sure to be one of the best heavy metal festivals of the year. I hope to see you there!


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