News: Casket Robbery is Back in Action


Written by Brett Kihlmire

Back in 2016 Midwest brutal death metal act Casket Robbery unleashed the full length album Evolution of Evil. With a brutal death meets groove metal sound, the band captivated serious metal fans throughout the American underground.

Recording an excellent music video and touring the United States in support of their debut album Casket Robbery seemed unstoppable. Unfortunately, the band began to come apart at the seams by the end of the year. Starting with their drummer walking off mid-tour, the band’s woes continued when all but guitarist and founding member Cory Scheider left the band to pursue other things.

“It was at a point that they decided they wanted to leave. We went through a lot of bumpy roads after the last tour…A lot of things are tough, so sometimes things have to happen,” says Scheider.

“We questioned if was even worth it continuing as a band. There was a lot of stress. A lot of questions, but we pulled it off and got a really group together to pick up where the band was left. We made it rise quickly.”

Though the band was cut down to just its guitarist, Scheider wasn’t going to let the project die. Rather, he cleared his head and started writing and recruiting.

“Our first thing was to get a bad ass singer. That was the criteria. Looking around, a lot of people regionally, there’s a lot of great vocalists, but there’s another side to being a front person. It’s that whole who can really command an audience or who has that really cool bad ass vibe. There’s not many vocalists like that. Megan was an obvious choice for that,” says Scheider, who ultimately recruited Disappearance lead vocalist Megan Orvold, making the band a female fronted act for the first time. Of course, this wasn’t Megan’s first foray with Casket Robbery – she provided clean vocals and demonic giggling on the Evolution of Evil album.

And though Scheider was able to fill the lead guitar and bass position with relative ease thanks to his connections, especially in the Madison scene, finding the right drummer proved to be harder.

“The drums have always been very, very difficult to find the right person for. The drums are the most technical instrument in Casket Robbery,” says Scheider, who put out an advertisement for a drummer rather than rely on word of mouth.

With Missouri native Derek Bonn joining on drums, Casket Robbery was back at full strength. Of course, the band was already writing and preparing for their long awaited return to the road. As of this writing the band has jumped on the No One Gets Out Alive tour with Bury the Rod, Repaid In Blood and In Death. To make things even better, the band has their comeback extended play The Ascension slated for release in August.

“I think listening to the EP and stuff, I think the energy and the rawness…Megan is bringing that energy. I think people are going to dig it,” says Scheider, adding, “It had to be heavier and more brutal than what we did before. Originally we planned to go melodic, but since we got Megan onboard we decided to just kinda lay it all out there and write really heavy tracks. It’s really killer.”

Though just three tracks long, Casket Robbery’s return is sure to come to roaring reception. The only problem with it, and the band agrees, is that it’s just three tracks. Anyone who has heard and/or experienced Casket Robbery live will surely be demanding more after one play through, so hopefully the band gets working on a full length soon. In the meantime, the band is keen on unveiling the new tracks while on tour and is considering a lyric video or two. Of course, they’re not ruling out an official music video, either. We’ll just have to wait and see.


For a taste of things to come from Casket Robbery be sure to read our review of The Ascension. There’s an album teaser at the bottom. Read it HERE!


Casket Robbery is:

Megan Orvold – Lead Vocals

Cory Scheider – Guitar

Troy Powell – Guitar

Derek Silloway – Bass

Derek Bonn – Drums


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