Review: Midnight Rider – Manifestation

MidnightRider_Manifestation_MASCD0967.jpgWritten by David Kerber

Anyone who ever wanted to know how Black Sabbath sounded with Judas Priest singer Rob Halford had to go back to two concerts at the beginning of the ‘90’s. For two concerts he helped out at short notice as Ronny James Dio left the band surprisingly overnight. But now there is a whole album with this sound. What? Black Sabbath have fired Ozzy and recruited Rob again? No, but German Midnight Riders, founded in 2004, play exactly this sound. Recently their debut album Manifestation was released, which surely will not disappoint old school metal fans.

At the first hearing, it may sound a bit odd, after all, man is a creature of habit. That is, with Sabbath riffs, most of them associate an Ozzy or Dio-like voice, but they don’t exist here. But once you get used to the voice, the album unfolds its full radiance. Classic riffs, a strong singer and a lot of references to the old masters of Birmingham (mainly musical, but partly also textual, ‘Children of the Grave,’ ‘Black Beast,’ which can be understood as “black priest”). And, of course, first-class solos are to be heard making for a good doom album.

So if you’re on Hard Rock and Heavy Metal at the old school and do not feel shy about deviating from your usual listening habits, you should definitely risk an ear for this one. 7/10

Midnight Rider: When I Spew My Hate –


Wayne – Vocals
Blumi – Guitar
Cliff – Bass
Jan – Drums

Label: Massacre Records

Out: April, 21st 2017

Duration: 49:29

Track list:

  • When I Spew My Hate
  • Tears Of Your Temptation
  • The Execution
  • Creature Of The Night
  • In My Void
  • Heroes And Speedfreaks
  • Change Your Life
  • I Wanna Be A Prowler
  • Arrival
  • Unknown Woman Of The Seine

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