Athanasia: Thrash Meets Arena Metal

18740803_10154718959755885_4754178763445955541_n (1).jpg

Written by Brett Kihlmire

Photo by Gray Eldritch

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Athanasia has been regularly bringing an old school meets new school sound to the modern metal scene since August 2016.

Formed by Caleb Bingham (guitar/vocals) in 2004, under the name Ascension, Bingham’s involvement in an early iteration of Five Finger Death Punch and the Swedish death metal act Zonaria saw the band shelved twice over a period of a decade. It wasn’t until the third incarnation that Athanasia came into being with the additions of Jason West (drums) and Brandon Miller (bass/vocals). And thanks to a shared passion for heavy music and a need to bring a fresh musical approach their beloved genre, the band would never shelved again. As for what subgenre they fall into, Bingham says it best:

“That’s hard as what we are doing sonically is something that isn’t currently being done by any other band in the exact same way we are doing it… It’s always amusing hearing different people’s opinions as to what they think we sound like since they vary so much from one person to the next. That being said, I would put our sound somewhere in between traditional heavy, black and thrash metal. We are firmly rooted in big arena riffs and catchy, memorable choruses but still are dark and heavy enough to please some of the more extreme listeners out there.”

Thanks to Bingham playing in Five Finger Death Punch and West lending his talents to the likes of The Murderdolls, Wednesday 13 and Murder FM, the band restarted out on good footing. The great reputation of their respective members and the killer music they’ve since churned out since formation has led to the band touring Europe in recent months without yet releasing a full length album – the band’s debut full length LP, The Order of the Silver Compass, will be hitting shelves later in 2017.

Bingham says the band is currently working on hammering out the details on a lengthy international tour for the fall to support the release of the upcoming album. As well, work is well under way for the follow-up. As of this writing, Bingham says the band hopes to break out of their central European stomping grounds and hit every continent in support of their debut, which is a lofty goal for an independent band based halfway across the world, but they’ve done it before. So what can fans expect of the album to come?

“Inspiration tends to come at random for me I find. Sometimes I will be laying awake in the middle of the night and come up with an idea for a song, or sometimes it comes while reading a book or watching a nice sunset. Anything can inspire at any point really!” says Bingham, who is the band’s main lyricist and vocalist.

Thanks to Bingham’s interest in history, philosophy, literature, religion and symbolism, Athanasia’s lyrics tend to touch on a great themes rather than the typical, run of the mill “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” theme found with some bands playing an old school style.

Thus far the band has released three singles on YouTube, which includes ‘Spoils of War,’ ‘The Order of the Silver Compass,’ and ‘White Horse,’ but Bingham promises a fourth track for the summer to build up interest in the album before the fall touring season.

For more information on Athanasia check out their Facebook page (HERE), YouTube (HERE) and their official website (HERE). And don’t forget to check back for more information the band in the future; there’s sure to be more on the horizon once they unleash their full length album.


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