Review: Selene – The Ravages of Time

Selene - The Ravages of Time.jpgWritten by Rainer Kerber

Not even two years ago their debut, The Forgotten, was released by North Irish metallers, Selene. Now the second album, The Ravages of Time has been released as well. Going into the follow up, the band has flattered my ears and hit my musical taste with their songs.

Selene was founded in 2013 and have apart from the two albums, they also have two EP’s released. As well, they had several live performances on the British Isles, among others at the biggest Irish metal festival, The Siege of Limerick. Of course, their latest release is their second album.

Already the opener ‘New Era’ clearly shows the stylistic orientation of the Northern Irish, Symphonic Metal in the style of the early Nightwih, Selene does not mimic the legends, nor does their lead singer Shonagh Lyons hide behind the voice of Tarja. On the contrary, her singing performance is at least equal to the Grand Dame of Symphonic Metal. Fortunately, there is variation on the album, especially on ‘The Great Heart’ where hard riffs whirl around the ears of the listener while classic rock guitars can be heard in ‘Ashes.’

On the powerful rock song ‘Burning Bridges,’ Lyons sings with David Balfour, frontman of the Northern Irish hard rock band Maverick. ‘This Life’ is a soulful piano ballad where the singing is subtly underlined by strings. Here the singer brings out her outstanding voice fully. In addition, there is a video clip where the music is illustrated by beautiful film sequences. Meanwhile, it is common in the melodic power metal to put an epic song at the end of the album. And Selene are no exception as the final track ‘The End of Time’ shows. Here, Selene again impressively present what their current album has to offer, sensual beguiling singing passages, banging riffs, bombastic melodic hooklines.

With The Ravage of Time, Selene succeeded once more with an impressive successor of the debut ‘The Forgotten.’ They don’t reinvent or revolutionize the genre, but they certainly show considerable skills on their instruments and in their songwriting. Only the drumming seemed a bit sterile (drum machine perhaps?) – I would have liked more power and variety. All fans of Symphonic Metal should listen to the album. 8/10

Selene – This Life:
Selene – Burning Bridges (Ft David Balfour) [Audio Track]:


Shonagh Lyons – Vocals
John Connor – Guitar, Keyboards
Thomas Alford – Bass

Label: Self distributed

Out: June, 23rd 2017

Duration: 54:01

Track list:

  • New Era
  • The Great Heart
  • Ashes
  • Calm Before the Flame
  • Burning Bridges (ft. David Balfour from Maverick)
  • If Tomorrow Never Came
  • Our Regrets
  • Kingdom
  • Wonderland
  • This Life
  • The End of Time

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