Review: Excalion – Dream Alive

650938.jpgWritten by David Kerber

Finland and Metal is usually an excellent combination. No matter if it’s Nightwish, Stratovarius, Amorphis or an unknown, outstanding music seems to be a major export. One band keeping the trend alive is Excalion, which will release their fourth album Dream Alive in July.

Musically, it is most like Stratovarius, which translates to epic Power Metal with a lot of keyboard, classic riffs and solos (both guitar and keyboard) and expressive vocals. This album begins with the opener ‘Divergent falling’ and continues to the final epic, almost proggy ‘Portrait on the Wall.’ In between there is also a half-ballad with ‘Deadwater Bay,’ which is very melodic, somewhat dreamy and yet powerful. Right after that there is another ballad with ‘The Firmament.’ This shows once again that the best ballads are written by Hard rock/Metal bands.

So there is plenty of variety. Very enjoyable to have a full album that’s not just a full-throttle, high speed race to the finish, as is the case with various other power metal bands. Performing and production is also top notch. The inclined fan can therefore look forward to a great album and over an hour of great music. You can also see the album as a good bridging to the next Stratovarius album, although it is certainly much more than that. Consider this a compulsory purchase for every melodic and power metal lover. 8/10

Excalion: Centenarian –


Jarmo Myllyvirta – Keyboard
Marcus Lång – Vocals
Aleksi Hirvonen – Gitarre
Onni Hirvonen – Bass
Henri Pirkkalainen – Drums

Label: Scarlet Records

Out: July 7th 2017

Duration: 61:40

Track list

  • Divergent Falling
  • Centenarian
  • Marching Masquerade
  • Amelia
  • Release The Time
  • One Man Kingdom
  • Deadwater Bay
  • The Firmament
  • Man Alive
  • Living Daylights
  • Portrait on the Wall
    Act I: Forlorn Son
    Act II: Repentance
    Act III: To The New World

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