News: Orden Ogan’s New Album Goes to the Wild West

4667_photo.jpgWritten by Brett Kihlmire

German power metal outfit Orden Ogan will be releasing their 5th album on July 7th and fans are more than excited after an awesome video for the track ‘Gunman’ was released featuring the band’s mascot Alister Vale taking the law into his own hands in the Wild West.

Carrying on the Orden Ogan tradition of writing to a theme, Gunmen is set in a dark Wild West-style realm, and though Vale appears in the video, guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Sebastian ‘Seeb’ Levermann says the album is not based around the character.

“He’s still there, but he just appears in small little stories,” says Levermann. “There are like ten different songs, ten different stories. They’re not all set in this dark horror Wild West world. They all deal with very different topics.”

Though not every song takes place in this Wild West world, many do and it’s evident in some of the melodies and sound clips, like the theme of ‘Gunman,’ and ‘One Last Chance.’ So right now a lot of fans are wondering how Orden Ogan, a German band, ended up writing a record with a Wild West theme – something that’s distinctly American.

As it turns out, the band has been kicking around ideas for a Wild West themed tune or album for quite some time. It just so happened that while recording the first few tracks for the new album that a melody caught their ear.

After deciding to run with the theme, Levermann dove into a wealth of media that would help bring the theme to life through heavy metal.

“As preparation for the record when we knew we would go Wild West, I watched a lot of western movies. And in western movies, most, if not all of the time it’s about bad people pushing good people off their land and there’s this one guy who’s vigilante taking justice in his own hands,” says Levermann. “It’s sort of our homage, but there’s no deeper meaning beyond that.”

Musically, the album is a shred fest with great melodies and huge choruses, just as longtime fans expect. In some ways, it’s quite a bit heavier, but not so much that it loses its power metal feel. In fact, it features a good mix of heavy riffs and beats and clean strumming, especially the semi-ballad ‘Come With Me to the Other Side’ featuring the lovely Liv Kristine (ex-Theatre of Tragedy, ex-Leaves Eyes).

Immensely proud of the achievement that is Gunmen, Orden Ogan is hitting the ground hard in support of the album. Kicking things off are four album release shows around their native Germany. One show was meant to have a particularly special setting, for it was planned to take place on ship docked on the Elbe River. Unfortunately, the G-20 conference will be taking place around the same time, so due to security concerns the show had to be moved to a different location. Regardless, Orden Ogan will be unleashing Gunmen with a bang and European fans can look forward to a headlining tour with Rhapsody of Fire taking place between October and November.



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