Review: Mastercastle – Wine of Heaven

SC 321 Web.jpgWritten by Rainer Kerber

The Italian melodic metal band Mastercastle was founded in 2008 by guitarist Pier Gonella (Necrodeath, ex-Labyrinth) and singer Giorgia Gueglio. In the same year the band recorded four songs and sent the demo to the label Lion Music Record, scoring a record deal that led to their debut album The Phoenix in April 2009 the debut album. Over the next five years they released four more albums before taking a three year break and releasing album six, Wine of Heaven.

With keyboard playing, the album is introduced, but soon come in catchy guitar riffs and the enchanting voice of Giorgia Gueglio. Some people will turn up their noses at these words at the thought of another opera metal band from Italy, but they’re far from it. The singer feels more comfortable with middle to lower notes, and the compositions are far from any symphonic metal pathos. Even with ‘Drink of Me’ is clearly heard, melodic is the metal, presented by Mastercastle, but straight forward with a light pop-beat side. The orchestral background is subtly used. The focus is on filigree to high-pressure guitar work, but fine guitar solos can also be heard. The drums are extremely song oriented with occasional double bass attacks. The choruses invite you to sing along.

Another hot tip is ‘Hot as Blood’ – a classic AOR Rocker with airplay quality. Outstanding is the ballad ‘Black Tree’s Heart,’ Giorgia’s voice alternates between fragile and powerful, and there are wonderful guitar melodies to be heard. And the instrumental piece ‘Castle in the Sky’ I could well imagine as a soundtrack of a modern adventure film.

‘Wine of Heaven’ is an album that is fun to listen to more than once. The four musicians from Italy present catchy melodic rock and metal, which never slips into irrelevance. The album is powerful and well-produced. For some hardcore metal fans, the sound may be too soft, but if you like bands like Rhapsody (of Fire), REO Speedwagon, Kansas or Magnum you should listen to the album. 8/10


Mastercastle – Drink Of Me (Lyric Video):



Giorgia Gueglio – Vocals
Pier Gonella – Guitar
Steve Vawamas – Bass
Francesco La Rosa – Drums

Label: Scarlet Records

Out: May 19th 2017

Duration: 41:33

Track list:

Drink Of Me

Space Of Variations

Wine Of Heaven

Hot As Blood

Shine On Me

Black Tree’s Heart


Castle In The Sky

Making Love


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