Live Review: Winterborn- Final Show @ Valhalla, Wellington, NZ




Written by Elliot John Doe

Photos courtesy of Caspar Kneale Photography

After three full on years and a fair few achievements, the Winterborn trio have sadly decided to call it a day and move on with other projects. But before their demise one last hurrah was in order at the aptly fitting best metal venue Wellington has to offer; Valhalla, herein lies my account of this heavy as hell night of farewells.

Opening up the night we had Project Blood an industrial groove metal quartet from Palmerston North, samples and synths a-plenty layered in with mega chunky riffs, smart bass lines and pounding drums topped off with some insane screaming makes for, in my opinion, a modernized, heavier, kiwi take on bands such as Fear Factory, Ministry and PAIN, to name but a few of what I’m sure is a long list of influences.

All round they had a great sound and blended the samples with the live instruments really well, looking forward to their next performance in the capital.

Second on in the night was Kairillion Theory playing their first ever show. They certainly didn’t disappoint with heavy grooves combined with thrash and a hint of hardcore. These guys really got the crowd riled up and moving around to something fresh on the Wellington scene.

Unfortunately, their vocalist Brendan had been sick and was struggling with his voice, still he pushed on through, delivered and kept the crowd pumping like any frontman could, solid first effort, can’t wait to see what else these guys will be bringing to New Zealand metal in the near future!.

Smack bang in the middle of the line up The Heathen Collective do not disappoint. Long standing brothers-in-arms on the March of The Dirty Wizards annual NZ tour and featuring Winterborn bassist Nesh on guitar, they brought the heavy with their groove laden metal.

Lot’s of drinking and laughs in between songs made for a really fun set, especially a rendition of their latest proffering ‘The Oath’. Great work from their newest member Dan on bass, overall a fantastic addition to the night!

The swansong for the thrash trio’s short lived career is upon us. Winterborn have achieved a lot in their three years and what’s more fitting place to put this beast to rest than where they first took to the stage – Valhalla in Wellington.

Winterborn delivered a blistering set to charismatic crowd that combined to send the band off in style. Even better was a guest appearance by their original drummer Daniel Boerman for a few songs.

Throughout the set, the band delivered what we expected, with some brilliant renditions of ‘My Own Purgatory’, ‘Into The Veil’ and of course ‘A World Apart’. It wasn’t easy saying farewell to Winterborn, but I think I speak for everyone when I say thanks for the metal, you shall be missed.

Finishing off the night was GUNT, who travelled all the way down to the capital from Napier to bring their brand of Mongrel, Scrap, Heavy Metal and lend a hand in the farewells to Winterborn.

Absolutely decimating the stage and stirring the crowd into a frenzy with their astoundingly heavy set; chunky grooves, resilient drumming and insane vocals set the end of this event off perfectly, glad to see these fellas back in Wellington, hope it’s not too long until they return.

As far as a collective of New Zealand metal gigs go this has to be one of the best nights I’ve witnessed and attended so far. Despite the somewhat depressing nature of saying goodbye to a quality homegrown act, all the bands were killer. Everyone put on a great show, played a great set and ultimately brought enough heaviness to bring the house down. Solid work from everyone on this event, thanks and good night!


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